Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finding real and a true friend!

I may say that finding real friend is really hard, specially if you just met a person by acquaintance. You need to understand and consider each personality in different ways. Sometimes you can feel the real friend and sometimes you can feel that it is not still the friendship that you are looking for. 

I am a kind of person who really treasure friendship and a very easy person to go with. But once you have betrayed me or do anything that is not good for both then, I will have to make way to understand each side but I have to make sure to keep a distance right there and then. I am person who has a very long patience but once my patience is over then it is over. It is hard to get my trust and loyalty back to normal again, I may always have a doubt no matter what. That is me! 

I do keep friendship for last if the other side cooperates well. I do keep secrets forever if the other side do the same. But I am a kind of person who don't want unfriendly person surrounds. As the saying says: There is a time for everything, it may not now but the right time will come in the right place. I can wait for that if I want too! 

Anyway, this is just a short rant for the day!  Finding a real friend is not easy! But I have friends who are really good ones.

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