Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cleaning on blogs!

I can say, I am productive since yesterday until today when it comes to updating my sites online. I was able to updates four blogs yesterday and today I am almost done with three blogs but still lots remains. But, this is very seldom for me to happen. I am lazy most of the time. But this time I made it! 

Yesterday, I cleaned some of my widgets around my sites. I do removed broken links and badges. I do hope to clean more each day, little by little every thing will be done accordingly. I still have some post to do also, but this time I do more on updates first before the posting starts. I still have time on it. I mean it is not on due yet.

I noticed that blogging is becoming more slower and slower. Not much opportunities, not much traffic, not much DA and not much paid post! Hmmm... what is going on then? My blogs, don't have much traffic this time, I am busy from left to right so I understand but not only me, most bloggers are complaining! 

Another thing: Offers are getting cheaper and cheaper, not enough for one year hosting and domain fees. But in other way around blogging is still IN and I still love posting even though it takes time for me to come up with some post. 

I am hoping for the best when it comes to blogging. I remember how did I start blogging and that was terrible. But after several months I started to enjoy the fruits of writing and accepting paid post in each blogs. So hope those days will be back soon.

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