Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cleaning on blogs!

I can say, I am productive since yesterday until today when it comes to updating my sites online. I was able to updates four blogs yesterday and today I am almost done with three blogs but still lots remains. But, this is very seldom for me to happen. I am lazy most of the time. But this time I made it! 

Yesterday, I cleaned some of my widgets around my sites. I do removed broken links and badges. I do hope to clean more each day, little by little every thing will be done accordingly. I still have some post to do also, but this time I do more on updates first before the posting starts. I still have time on it. I mean it is not on due yet.

I noticed that blogging is becoming more slower and slower. Not much opportunities, not much traffic, not much DA and not much paid post! Hmmm... what is going on then? My blogs, don't have much traffic this time, I am busy from left to right so I understand but not only me, most bloggers are complaining! 

Another thing: Offers are getting cheaper and cheaper, not enough for one year hosting and domain fees. But in other way around blogging is still IN and I still love posting even though it takes time for me to come up with some post. 

I am hoping for the best when it comes to blogging. I remember how did I start blogging and that was terrible. But after several months I started to enjoy the fruits of writing and accepting paid post in each blogs. So hope those days will be back soon.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vacation Time!

Got a call from a friend weeks ago and we we're talking about having short vacation in Philippines. She and her kids will going to visits her family down there. And I am also planning to visit my family as well. She told me that it will be perfect if we travel together. I agree with her, for me it is so boring to travel alone and knowing that travelling back home takes almost 24 hours for one way. That really long trip and to be alone in that travel time will be boring for sure. 

So, I kept on thinking for the best way to do. I just hope to find the right date for that vacation soon. I am a kind of exciting and hope to see my family soon, it's been long time since! So will see... hope for the best!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finding real and a true friend!

I may say that finding real friend is really hard, specially if you just met a person by acquaintance. You need to understand and consider each personality in different ways. Sometimes you can feel the real friend and sometimes you can feel that it is not still the friendship that you are looking for. 

I am a kind of person who really treasure friendship and a very easy person to go with. But once you have betrayed me or do anything that is not good for both then, I will have to make way to understand each side but I have to make sure to keep a distance right there and then. I am person who has a very long patience but once my patience is over then it is over. It is hard to get my trust and loyalty back to normal again, I may always have a doubt no matter what. That is me! 

I do keep friendship for last if the other side cooperates well. I do keep secrets forever if the other side do the same. But I am a kind of person who don't want unfriendly person surrounds. As the saying says: There is a time for everything, it may not now but the right time will come in the right place. I can wait for that if I want too! 

Anyway, this is just a short rant for the day!  Finding a real friend is not easy! But I have friends who are really good ones.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Keep You Kitchen Tidy All The Time

Among all the areas of your house, your kitchen should be the cleanest and most organized. This is the place wherein you will be preparing and cooking your food thus ensuring its cleanliness is a must. It should be free from crawling insects which may harbor harmful organisms that could possibly put your family's health at risk. 

A well organized kitchen means clean kitchen. Edible supplies should be placed in a cool, covered and dry place. You can always check kitchen cabinet organizers online to have an idea on how to use it. It doesn't matter if you appear obsessive compulsive to other people as long as you're confident that your family's health won't be in any form of danger.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Reflect Your Personality With Coins

Have you ever thought of having your own coin like what you see on different famous brands, labels, foodchains, heroes, establishments ang etc? Well, has it all for you. Sample can been seen on their websites for you to choose or you can also provide your own design. Pricing depends upon the size, color and design but costs less. Each costs not reaching five dollars each. Through the site, you may also know how to order online, contact and even pay. Procedures are so easy like a,b,c. You can also call them through their Toll free line. 

The products are so good but not expensive. Grab now!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calling Abroad!

It is now my routine to call my families back home more often! I am so glad that I can call them anytime I want! The feeling is so good if you can speak to them more often. It is relaxing and fulfilling! I feel like contented to hear their voice. Thanks to the local cards that provides cheaper calls abroad.

Aside from yahoo, skype, facebook etc. I prefer calling using mobile. One reason, my mom don't use computer so I still have to contact them via mobile. I feel comfortable calling them once or twice a week. Thanks GOD for the provision!

Anyway, if you are living abroad you will know how important to have communication to your family back home! So make sure to contact them more often. As they are also thinking of you all day long. So to avoid worries keep the contact intact! Right?