Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My stomach is not ok!

Oh goodness! I don't know what's going with my stomach, is this an ulcer attack? Early this morning I woke up with not really in the form. But I need to report to work, so I tried to manage it until the end of 8 hours and when I came home I need to lay on the sofa to have a rest. It is still the same now, I wonder if what really this is: I felt dizzy, empty and uncomfortable inside my tummy. 

I hope to eat properly and get rest, by the way I have to eat Longaniza for tonight's dinner. I know most filipino's love to have this with rice and egg, but for now I will have this for dinner so no egg. I added more tomatoes as my side dish. So wishing me a good stomach after eating. Have a great evening to all!

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