Monday, December 2, 2013

My new baby!

Yeah, since it is now December most individuals are crazy finding stuffs as Christmas gifts. I myself have a long list but they are just wish but one wish accomplished! That is to have mini tablet. Last Saturday, found out that Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 were on sale and think that could be a good buy. So without any delayed I went to the store and bought it! 

Now it's here with me and trying to learn those icons and applications that mostly are new to me. I hope can manage to understand all the use of that tablet. One thing, that is intended for travelers, and we are planning though to travel soon so will see if that really will be useful. 

I  find it as very cute and handy. 
Note: This picture is not mine, just found out that the item is exactly the same as what I have now. So just pasted here, picture is from google page.

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