Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Heaven to hell!

What a title I've got here but it is the reality maybe. Bohol is known as one of the nicest island in Philippines, where the spot of most tourist. Bohol has the most white beaches and have a lot of beauty spots to visit but then in just a seconds it all gone away. Old churches fell down and some other big establishment. 

We really never know what will happen next. Sad to see these pictures down here, we will hope for the best that they can rebuild a new one. With that 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, now Bohol looks so pity. But God has the purpose for all of this. Sad...sad...sad! These churches are one of those spots that most foreigners wants to visit during their vacation, but now no more!

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy All The Time

Among all the places in your house, you kitchen is one of those that needs to be one of the cleanest. This is the place wherein you’re going to prepare your food and you wouldn’t want your family to be eating contaminated food. This is also the place wherein you would probably need the presence of a rack sack. This thing will help you out in keeping your garbage out of sight yet still keeping them inside your kitchen and not consuming that much space. 

The way you keep your garbage would also affect the cleanliness of your kitchen. Keep your garbage bins clean and close all the time.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Despite of what had happened!

I am pretty sure that all of you here heard or read already what had happened to my homeland Philippines. Last October 15, at around 8 o'clock in the morning the strongest earthquake happened in my place back home. Before it happened I talked to my mother around 6.30am before I slept. Not knowing that after an hour and half that scary quake will strike on them there. 

It is hard to be far away from them but I have to be with my family here in Europe. That is the design of being marriage. So since, we are not in the same zone I was sleeping when it happened. Just saw a text message and a miscall in the next morning about that on-going evacuation down there. 

Right there and then, I tried to contact them but I cannot reach them due to all electricity are off. My worries begun to strike and keep on praying and hoping that my family are safe. The only updates I read on is through facebook. Every time I opened and read on updates it is so tragic. 

I cried and asked for God's help for protection. That is the only thing I can do, I cannot help them physically but in prayers I can. After three days, I was able to contact them and it feels so good to hear my mom's voice and to hear that they are okey even though still scared. 

That was the first strongest earthquake I've ever noticed since when I was small. And for now, still have aftershocks and still hoping that they can manage to control themselves and hoping for a stop with this calamities they are facing now. Hope for the best!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get the tools that you need

I am not a super handy woman but I can do little things if really needed. There was one time that I really had hard time finding right tools for the repair of my bicycle. It takes me an hour to find the right tool but at the end still not the correct one. So I decided to borrowed one from our neighbor and thanks to her, my bicycle is ready to use again. 

In times that you need the correct tool and it seems hard to find it will make you crazy , specially if you need to fix that stuff right away. It is always good to have a complete tools in your house. So while online today I am fortunate to stumble those tools that are now for sale. This is my opportunity to check on and maybe buy one if the price is good.