Saturday, August 24, 2013

Be Proud Of Your Music

The existence of music in this world is very helpful. It has been used in relaxation activities while others are using them as diversional activity whenever they're stressed out. Musicians oftentimes satisfy themselves by allowing other people to hear their craft. Using their cool monster pro 2500 power conditioner at musician's friend, they would be able to produce high quality music. 

If you think your ave the talent in music, you must have the confidence to show it out. Self confidence would later on be build up as time pass by. It takes a lot of courage before you would be able to reach your prime.

Planning to send box to Philippines!

I am planning to send a box/package to my family down there in Philippines. I hope I can finally call the office tomorrow for inquiry and will ask for the box to fill-up the stuffs. I have a friend who just recently sent her box a week ago and she advise me to make it done quickly so that it will arrive there before Christmas and that will be a good timing and surely they will be happy on it.

Actually I already have some stuffs here at home that are ready for sending. I only that box and will see if I can fill it up! So if ever, this is my first time to send package there after three and half years of being away from them.

So will see and hope I can manage with this project. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eyes...eyes...eyes.. baby!

My eyes are getting tired after posting quite many tonight! Just home from work and tried making some updates for my sites. It is not an easy job but I love posting that is the only problem. But now I can feel that my eyes are both saying stop and have rest! LOL..

Well, well just a quick update for today! I found a picture that I had been trying to post before  but forgot it all the time! These bikes are located in Oslo city and they are use for those who wants to bike around the city. All you need to do is to pay and have that bike. In short that is for rental.

So maybe one day will try to rent one and check if I can manage to roam around! Hmmm... just thinking over! Not that sure but a good idea though.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cheap Yet Awesome U Bass Up For Grabs

With today's economic crisis, almost everyone can be lured by any items on sale especially if the brand is quite famous. Musicians are also availing them these days. They can actually save on kala u bass at musicians friend and among others. More of these high quality instruments are on sale and getting them on incredibly low prices is such a great deal. 

These days, everyone needs to be practical. Sale days will not last forever but if ever you get to bump one of them, grab the opportunity and do not let it pass. Companies would always these clearance sale to make room for the new items.

The Love Of Summer!

Summer is here really and time to go roam around and walking and take the chance to get heat for the real sun. So today after work we decided for a short work and get a chance to pick some berries along the road. A road where it is not too much crowded. Indeed we pick some strawberries. I love most these berries than those blueberries. I took one shot for those berries. Right there and then we usually ate at once. Super yummy but just careful with some insects inside. Must be careful in a way!