Sunday, June 23, 2013

My new bag!

Wanna have some purse anyone? This is in addition to my bags collection. I simply love this one. One day I will try to collect all the bags that I like and maybe will make a business out of it. That could be a good idea maybe. This one has a very unique fashion style so that is why I grabbed it without any hesitation. Lol.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Smoking Cessation Program

It cannot be denied that smoking can cause many unwanted serious and terminal illness. Lucky are those who gets well but for those who do not have enough money to have themselves medically treated, most end up in the grave. Currently, in most health care facilities, they have this Smoking Cessation Unit, guiding and helping a person who wants to stop smoking by following a step by step program. This is a good news for those smokers who wanted to stop smoking. 

On the other hand, if you are selling premium cigars, better check out the cigar affiliate program because they do offer a wide variety of premium cigars that is well sought by customers. For sure they are quality ones. Ideal gift for big shots!

Removing Entrecard on my sites!

I've been into entrecard dropping. When I started my blogging world entrecard was so popular to me. I do dropping 300 cards in each blog every day. Imagine how much time I did before just to have traffic in blog. But this time I cannot see any possibilities to gain back traffic in dropping. 

I tried once again but I did not even get anybody replied on my drops. SO I decided to stop and will now remove all my icons here. I am planning to clean my entercard icons this weekend and hope to get well in this kind of sick feeling. 

Have to park now and will find more energy for a marathon tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautifying our Living Room

There are many beautiful furniture that will make your living room or bedroom cozy. I love cozy rooms and one of my faves in the house is our bedroom and then our living room. I saw some an on sale sign in one of the onlie shops that sells bean bag sofa. Bean bags for the sofa, though I want to purchase one because I like to put it in my bedroom. It will add up to the cozyness of the room. 

I love seating in a love seat or those bean bags before going to sleep. I love the thought of spending time reading a book or magazine before hitting the bed. I will share some photos later when my orders will arrive later. One does not need expensive pieces of furniture to beautify a living room or a room. It’s your creativity that will really enhance it. So no matter how cheap or how expensive the furniture is, it does not matter. Your style and tastes will make it the best room in the whole house.

Another gift for me!

Here is another gift for me, I posted in some of my blogs that I got a gift card from one of my sister-in-law. Thanks so much dear sister that your gift card really is worth. So here is the orchid that I was dreaming of. Now, it came to reality that I am now taking care of this one. Hope I can manage to handle this till the end! (lol) drama... Anyway, thanks once again! I truly appreciate your gift. Simple but really means a lot because this has been my wish long time ago.