Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer...Summer.... Are You Here?

Today is a bright Sunny day! I was with my friend for a couple of hours eating 'pancit' that is a traditional food from Philippines. Yesterday a friend of my friend celebrates their wedding anniversary in my friend's house. So they had fun, eating, dancing, drinking and of course giving the right meaning of celebrating that unforgettable day of the couples. In Philippines wedding anniversary is very important and must be celebrate every year if possible. This reminds of reminiscing the day when the two persons face the life of marriage/when the two become one. That is why that is really memorable. Filipino's are know to be romantic and even in a simple celebration that will be good enough! 

So since, I was not there yesterday a good friend of mine took away some food for me. So today at around 3pm was the perfect time to visit her. So thanks my friend for inviting me. I saw pictures and the banner that they made for the couple. I can imagine how great that was for the couples. As my friend says: The couples did not expect that celebration it was a surprised and with candle lighting too! Romantic indeed! 

Lastly, today it was 12 degrees... Thank you Lord for your great Sunshine... more more sunny days please!

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