Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Birthday Celebration!

I am thankful that God gave me another additional year in my life. Thanks God and wishing for more healthy years to come, and as a celebration me and my husband decided to take a short cruise to Germany. So in short we did, I celebrated my day with this snicker's cake and this was really sweet and yummy! A simple celebration together was perfect! Having short vacation by ferry was really relaxing, all you need is just to eat and watch some shows and shopping around the ferry. Awesome!

Yehey! I can now wear slippers!

Finally, the day has come! Today is the day that I can wear slipper. I found this slipper in a plastic bag here at home! Luckily the size fits on me and take note this is Havaianas with Norway flag. I love the color and the simplicity of this slipper. So I wore it today, super comfy and of course hoping that I can wear slippers all this summer season. Hoping for no rain!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pamper Your Pets With The Best Cushions In Town

Your pets are considered to be your own children and they also receive that kind of pampering that they truly deserve. After a hard day’s work, the presence of your pet will take away your stress in an instant. To return the favor, you might as well want to look for bed for pets here and let then sleep comfortably. 

Some pets have their own preference of cushion but being their owner, you would probably know what time of cushion to give them. Depending on the kind of pet, warm and fluffy beds are best suited while some would like to have the feathery and cool ones. 

Giving all these to your pets is worth it.

Summer...Summer.... Are You Here?

Today is a bright Sunny day! I was with my friend for a couple of hours eating 'pancit' that is a traditional food from Philippines. Yesterday a friend of my friend celebrates their wedding anniversary in my friend's house. So they had fun, eating, dancing, drinking and of course giving the right meaning of celebrating that unforgettable day of the couples. In Philippines wedding anniversary is very important and must be celebrate every year if possible. This reminds of reminiscing the day when the two persons face the life of marriage/when the two become one. That is why that is really memorable. Filipino's are know to be romantic and even in a simple celebration that will be good enough! 

So since, I was not there yesterday a good friend of mine took away some food for me. So today at around 3pm was the perfect time to visit her. So thanks my friend for inviting me. I saw pictures and the banner that they made for the couple. I can imagine how great that was for the couples. As my friend says: The couples did not expect that celebration it was a surprised and with candle lighting too! Romantic indeed! 

Lastly, today it was 12 degrees... Thank you Lord for your great Sunshine... more more sunny days please!

Will be going to birthday party tomorrow!

A friend of mine is inviting us for a short birthday celebration tomorrow. She is now in her 40's. As they said life begins at 40. That is maybe right? Well, me and my friend will visit her and just waiting for her confirmation. So hope to have a good time with the celebrant! Actually today is her day, and tomorrow she will just entertain me and my friend. That will be nice for sure. She is our friend from our Norwegian course year ago. So Happy 40th birthday my dear friend.