Saturday, April 20, 2013

Curly Hair?

Since when I was in high-school, I was dreaming to have a long curly hair. It was always in my wishlist to go in a saloon and have my hair curl. But since I was in high-school a lot of my friends told me that my hair was nice, shiny and black. So I still did not pursue for my curly thing. 

Until I reached to my college graduation and I asked my Uncle if he can pay my saloon that day. I remember very well he said yes. In short I was at the saloon and requested to the beautician about my hair. I want it  to be curl on my graduation day. So, the saloon did it but it was hard. But I did it that day! 

Anyway, it only last for an hour and my hair gets back to straight! So I was a bit frustrated again. So waited and waited until today I finally bought a curly wand. I hope I will find this interesting. Glad that finally I made it. After long years of waiting. So now I can do whatever I want to be in my hair since I have a long hair now. 

I can do an experiment! Here is the Curly Wand just bought today! It came with a pouch and that I feel happy. I tried a bit today before shower and really good, easy and the wand is so light.

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