Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's talk all about $$$!!!

How would you spend your money if you have a million at hand? Probably, you would say that, "of course I will use it for good", others may say, " I'll just keep it for my future". There are things in life that are good to stay and others are also good to share it with others. Making a wise decision on money will really affect you big time if you spend it without the right mind set. 

Of course you can provide and save for yourself, and it is also right to share it to those who need it. But others may do it their thing by just giving it for free and spending it up on things that they don't need. Especially when you are shopping, don't spend too much of the things that you will just dump it around the house, or you just bought it because you like the color or just because it is cute. Think of the things you need most. Do not get over your budget, make things practical it is more beneficial. Make limitations and discipline yourself if you have to.

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