Friday, March 1, 2013

A short visit to my grandpa!

I am now just waiting for the time to call my mom. I want to hear about her short trip to my grandpa's home. My 'lolo' is sick and my mom was a bit worried. So, she decided to have a quick visit! So pity for my 'lolo' he is old and alone. Lola passed away last year and for sure he is sad and feeling alone. I talked to him month ago and in every time he hears my voice he is starting to cry over the phone. I did not see my lolo for almost 26 years now. 

My hope is that God will give him more years to live. I always told him to be strong. Thankful for all my aunties who helped him and assist him all the time. My mom's family are very kind, they really find time to be together and even though all siblings are living far from each other I can feel the closeness is still there. 

Anyway, get well soon lolo... I miss you!

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