Saturday, March 9, 2013

A pinay into purses!

I am a certified filipina who really loves to collect purses. I cannot imagine at my 30's my collection for bags will gonna shine on. In my 20's I already had interests in purses but due to budget did not able to buy purses that I want. But now in some way I have some budget on it, since I still don't have a child. So, buying purses really rocks. Sorry to say but I am really addicted we might say. But I am still in control lol. I bought purses in U.S and I want an Authentic one. But month ago I bought one here in Norway. I did not let that day not to bring this one home. A leather one and I love the color and the style and of course the style itself. So, without any hesitation I bought it at once. Isn't this cute? 

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