Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's another purse again!

Call me crazy when it comes to purses! Yes, I admit I am super crazy with bags and wallets. This time got a new nine west purse. Bought this from U.S and got shipped here in my place. I am thankful to a friend who always do a favor for me, by buying online and do the shipping going here. Nice to have a good friend who acts like a sister to me. So got my first nine west, which I really love the color and the size itself. 

I already use this for special tour around the town or when going to friends party. Quiet small one, really fits me very well. I still have some more purses, have to take pictures once can find time for that. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Help the Veterans

At some time in their younger lives, the veterans are the people who fought the wars for the general public of the country that they served. Many of them have suffered the cruelty of war, coming home incomplete with lost limb, eyesight or hearing, or coming home with extra baggage of war memories haunting them for the rest of their lives. They have forced themselves to e away from their own families. Some have been tortured and left for dead. Those who died left widows and fatherless children. Those who survived, have continued to grow older. Some died before really reaching their old age but those who are no longer capable of earning a living, they are still trying to live a life, but often without much financial support. This problem is what is trying to solve. If you are aware with the saying that: Everything happens for a reason. So in this way this online page is trying to build a solution to help those veterans who are still living now. 

What they do is collect vehicle donations from whoever are willing to give up their vehicles. They get to sell it and the accumulated money gets to be distributed to the veteran groups that they have in their list. Everything is recorded transparently that all figures are accounted for. There are others doing the same but many of them are doing it for their own interest. Knowing this gives the donor the assurance that their donation is going to the people who they meant to help. 

There is little time left for our veterans to live their lives decent enough to make life worth remembering. Helping them in this way is just our little way to contribute to their rightful happiness. Hoping that no one will deny them that happiness. After all, not everyone can do what they have done. The little we can do to help them may just be a drop in the bucket but if everyone does it, the collective effort can amass to a great thing. Please share this information if you know someone who has the capability to help and of course willing to do so.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

Let's talk all about $$$!!!

How would you spend your money if you have a million at hand? Probably, you would say that, "of course I will use it for good", others may say, " I'll just keep it for my future". There are things in life that are good to stay and others are also good to share it with others. Making a wise decision on money will really affect you big time if you spend it without the right mind set. 

Of course you can provide and save for yourself, and it is also right to share it to those who need it. But others may do it their thing by just giving it for free and spending it up on things that they don't need. Especially when you are shopping, don't spend too much of the things that you will just dump it around the house, or you just bought it because you like the color or just because it is cute. Think of the things you need most. Do not get over your budget, make things practical it is more beneficial. Make limitations and discipline yourself if you have to.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Materials for Repairing

It is really a big help to have materials for repairing up stuffs at home such as cabinets, stands and a lot more. Materials like screws, nails, hooks and so much more to mention are indeed really useful especially if there are damage stuffs at home which needed to be repaired as soon as possible. 

In terms of buying for repairing materials, there are a lot of shops that do sell. You can avail those screws, nails, hooks and even fasteners at There are other stores sell such thing though. Thence, if you want to choose for other brands you can have the options to choose for.

A pinay into purses!

I am a certified filipina who really loves to collect purses. I cannot imagine at my 30's my collection for bags will gonna shine on. In my 20's I already had interests in purses but due to budget did not able to buy purses that I want. But now in some way I have some budget on it, since I still don't have a child. So, buying purses really rocks. Sorry to say but I am really addicted we might say. But I am still in control lol. I bought purses in U.S and I want an Authentic one. But month ago I bought one here in Norway. I did not let that day not to bring this one home. A leather one and I love the color and the style and of course the style itself. So, without any hesitation I bought it at once. Isn't this cute? 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's rock and roll!

Do you love to play guitar? Playing guitar is one way of appreciating music. One way of relaxing right? How I wish I can really play guitar. My husband, is a guitar lover. It’s almost every night he do strums on specially if we watch on some music play on TV. I can imagine that it will be more exciting if he will add guitar speaker on it. The sounds will surely be perfect! I came to the point of buying one for him, that could be interesting right?! I am choosing one from those celestion speakers. I hope that this will add more colors in his guitar playing. And I am pretty sure he will appreciate it as he really a music and guitar lover.

A short visit to my grandpa!

I am now just waiting for the time to call my mom. I want to hear about her short trip to my grandpa's home. My 'lolo' is sick and my mom was a bit worried. So, she decided to have a quick visit! So pity for my 'lolo' he is old and alone. Lola passed away last year and for sure he is sad and feeling alone. I talked to him month ago and in every time he hears my voice he is starting to cry over the phone. I did not see my lolo for almost 26 years now. 

My hope is that God will give him more years to live. I always told him to be strong. Thankful for all my aunties who helped him and assist him all the time. My mom's family are very kind, they really find time to be together and even though all siblings are living far from each other I can feel the closeness is still there. 

Anyway, get well soon lolo... I miss you!