Sunday, February 24, 2013

Technology Trends

What's new in global trends in technology? If you are what they say "Tekki" for sure you are excited to know about the new innovations in computers, cellphones, and even televisions. If you will to compute the cellphone users in United States you'll never stop counting maybe a billion and more, that's why mobile consumers are the target in the cellphone market. 

More gadgets are coming up, like the always updated tablets, it is going to be a tablet domination this year for sure. Laptops are still present, like in Microsoft Windows 8 it will going to be significant this year. A much higher definition televisions are in for this year. TV's are not just for watching they are and smarter too, with its realistic picture likely to be in 3D and HD qualities. And ofcourse consumers are looking for the energy saving, with great designs that fit to their home setup. Expect more to come this year in technology update.

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