Monday, February 11, 2013

How Could It Be For All First Time Moms

On the first time you ever seen your child born it is automatically that you are a "mom", and for sure the explainable feeling will be there until you realized that how wonderful life is when you see that little one looking at you and his eyes are saying "I need you, take care of me" and for sure it will make you cry. Being a mom, is quite very hard at first, but you can be able to understand why things go like this and that, especially when you have your first born. It is important the know the basics. 

At the moment your child is born until he grows up you still be his mom, and it will not stop there until he graduated from school, have his own job, raises a family of his own, and even if you have your grandchildren around. It is a task given by God that women are designed to take care of the little ones, because we have the heart to do it and the strength to guide and care for them, and you ladies out there, you will know it someday, for sure you would.

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