Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beat Pet Obesity with Proper Nutrition

Obesity is becoming common in dogs and is a serious health problem. It can cause heart problems, diabetes, and arthritis and can also prove to be very costly for you.
It is very important that you prevent your dog from becoming obese by following the recommended feeding guideline for the food you are feeding them. Treats should also always be fed in moderation and no human junk food should ever be given as the calories contained in the food are of a much higher percentage of their daily allowance compared to yours so a biscuit is more fattening to your dog than you think. 

If your dog is overweight, obese or prone to putting on weight (as some breeds are such as English Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs, Dalmatians and Dachshunds) it is important to feed them an appropriate weight control diet. Diets which are designed to help your dog achieve a healthy weight are great to ensure your dog receives the nutrients they require but with a lower energy content to prevent weight gain and help reduce their body fat. Obviously exercise also needs to be encouraged to help your dog shed the excess pounds. 

As different breeds and sizes of dogs have varying nutritional requirements it is also important that the diet you feed also suits their pedigree size. 

Royal Canin Mini Light food is designed for small breeds that weigh up to 10kg. This diet can be fed to dogs over ten months old and its special formula helps to keep your dog satisfied between meals. The kibble shape and the calcium content help to reduce tartar formation to keep their teeth and gums healthy and reducing their energy intake by 18%. 

The Royal Canin Medium Light diet is for medium sized breeds weighing between 11 to 25kg and can be fed to dogs that are one year and older. The energy intake of the food is reduced by 30% and contains a fat content of 11%. However the protein content is high at 30% to promote fat loss whilst maintaining muscle mass. 

Royal Canin Maxi Light is suitable for adult and mature large breeds aged from 15 months weighing between 26-44kg. This food also reduces their energy intake by 30% and is great for breeds prone to putting on weight easily. The high protein and low fat content complement each other to encourage the metabolism of fat (to aid weight loss) whilst maintaining muscle mass.

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