Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beat Pet Obesity with Proper Nutrition

Obesity is becoming common in dogs and is a serious health problem. It can cause heart problems, diabetes, and arthritis and can also prove to be very costly for you.
It is very important that you prevent your dog from becoming obese by following the recommended feeding guideline for the food you are feeding them. Treats should also always be fed in moderation and no human junk food should ever be given as the calories contained in the food are of a much higher percentage of their daily allowance compared to yours so a biscuit is more fattening to your dog than you think. 

If your dog is overweight, obese or prone to putting on weight (as some breeds are such as English Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs, Dalmatians and Dachshunds) it is important to feed them an appropriate weight control diet. Diets which are designed to help your dog achieve a healthy weight are great to ensure your dog receives the nutrients they require but with a lower energy content to prevent weight gain and help reduce their body fat. Obviously exercise also needs to be encouraged to help your dog shed the excess pounds. 

As different breeds and sizes of dogs have varying nutritional requirements it is also important that the diet you feed also suits their pedigree size. 

Royal Canin Mini Light food is designed for small breeds that weigh up to 10kg. This diet can be fed to dogs over ten months old and its special formula helps to keep your dog satisfied between meals. The kibble shape and the calcium content help to reduce tartar formation to keep their teeth and gums healthy and reducing their energy intake by 18%. 

The Royal Canin Medium Light diet is for medium sized breeds weighing between 11 to 25kg and can be fed to dogs that are one year and older. The energy intake of the food is reduced by 30% and contains a fat content of 11%. However the protein content is high at 30% to promote fat loss whilst maintaining muscle mass. 

Royal Canin Maxi Light is suitable for adult and mature large breeds aged from 15 months weighing between 26-44kg. This food also reduces their energy intake by 30% and is great for breeds prone to putting on weight easily. The high protein and low fat content complement each other to encourage the metabolism of fat (to aid weight loss) whilst maintaining muscle mass.

How Well Known is Tweeter?

Twitter has become one of the most famous social networking sites these days wherein people often checks for the latest news and updates. For others it even became their main source of communication. Lucky for those who are living in countries wherein data plans for mobile phones are cheap or almost obligatory, because they can check and use their accounts even if they are walking on the streets. 

There has been a survey conducted just recently to determine which country tweets the most. A lot has been expecting that the place would be one of the cities in the US but it was found out that majority of the tweeters in the world are living in Jakarta, Indonesia. There might be a lot of twitter users in the US but not all of them are tweeting every now and then. Behind Jakarta are New York City, Tokyo, London, and Sao Paulo.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gift Ideas for the coming Valentine!

Hearts day is coming over. Are you prepared? Have you think or plan what to give to your loved ones? Valentine, is well-known as lovers day. Even in a simple way of showing that you remember this day or even buying a simple gift to your behalf just to show that you care and love is really good. So as early as now, I can tell you to think and get some ideas that fits your partner.

You can check online or you can check at you home or you can make your own stuff to give. There are so many ways if you just really want to give, right? I also find some specials online and ideas if anyone of you needs some unique gifts. What about fashion jewelry? Isn’t that cool? For him/her jewelry is perfect. You can choose the best item and with reasonable price. Jewelry last and it will remind of your special someone that he/she is remembered and loved. A simple gesture will remains forever.

Remember that gifts is one of love sign as they said. You are giving gift to someone because you mean it to him/her right? So, find the best gift for this coming Valentine. Flowers can be too, but that is a bit common but still perfect! I am looking forward for this too. Wishing you all a happy hearts day on February 14 mark that day.

Great Tips On How To Kill Boredom

There would come a time that you just can’t decipher what to do for the entire day. It happens more often when you are having your off days wherein everyone is at work. You might be one of those call center agents, nurses and all other health care facility personnel. 

During those off days, you would most probably spend it inside your house. To kill boredom, you can have a movie marathon or might as well buffer all your favorite TV series that you’ve missed because of your hilarious work schedule. Another time consuming thing to do is to have a general cleaning in your house. Start it from dusting your windows as well as all the other things that you have. 

Then have a change of curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases. After which, you can have a general laundry as well. These things could exhaust you for sure and a good sleep would be nice to further kill the time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What does it mean?

I opened my two blogs that under blogger and suddenly I saw this pop-up icon in front of my page. It is so annoying, I am wondering what is this? And what really the reason why I have this pop-up in my two page. I am looking for an answer but still did not get any respond. I hope this will gone as soon as possible. This is not good for my page either.

Have anybody encountered this kind of notification? Is this a virus or what? Hoping that this will not harm on our pc or in the page. Not all of my page has that pop-up only the two blogs that under blogger. But blogs under wordpress don't have it.

Anyway it makes me wonder!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Arthritis and joint disease in dogs

Arthritis and joint disease is common in dogs. Osteoarthritis affects one in five dogs and this can be young dogs as well as old. Certain breeds seem to be more susceptible than others to various joint problems with larger breeds suffering more than smaller ones due to increased pressure and weight on their joints.
Joint disease can lead to degenerative arthritis which is painful and crippling. Possible joint problems include patella luxation, hip dysplasia, ruptured cruciate ligaments and joint trauma. Symptoms of joint trauma and degenerative arthritis include varying degrees of lameness, stiffness and joint pain which is often more obvious in the mornings and getting up after sleeping. As with humans the cold and damp worsen the symptoms and it gets worse over time. Some dogs can become miserable and show behavioral changes as they become more uncomfortable. 

Whilst there is no cure for arthritis and joint disease there are measures you can take to help ease your dogs pain and slow the worsening of the disease down. The dog should be a good weight, being overweight will put too much pressure on the dogs joints so ideally the dog should be its average weight and not on the large side. In order to do this ensure your dog is eating the correct amount of food, if need be you can get special diet foods. Exercise is important in moderation, too much will put too much pressure on the dogs joint so two short walk are ideal. Swimming is a great way for your dog to get exercise without putting pressure on their joints so a nearby pond/lake is ideal. Try and not allow your dog to jump as the sudden impact is not good for joints. 

As well as diet and exercise there are a number of great supplements you can give your dog to help ease pain and reduce inflammation in the joints. Trocoxil is an anti inflammatory containing the active ingredient Mavacoxib. It works by inhibiting the enzyme that helps create the inflammation. This is a fairly new medication which is less frequent then most as it is only a monthly tablet. 

Carprieve is another anti-inflammatory pain relief used for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. It can also be used to help post operative recovery. This tablet is available unflavoured as well as flavoured as well as in chewable tablets.  

Rimadyl is another medication that is available. It is a daily dose and helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation, it is good post surgery and for chronic conditions.

Body Art Tattoo

This involves the inserting of an ink into the layer of the skin. This was used before in animals mainly for identification purposes only.  Body art tattoos now days are used in human body, it is an art that make a particular statement you want to prove if you have a tattoo.   

Before, tattoos are used traditionally as a decorative marks, and some used it for an indication of a level in your life or an age counter. Others use it for branding and others just for an art itself, while there are some use it for cosmetic purposes like a permanent makeup or hiding some impurities in the skin, some use it for medical purposes. 

Even for religious perspective tattoos can be used, like in Mormon, Islam and even Judaism. Before in early days of tattooing, hygienically speaking, tattooist before doesn't care about having infection and allergies after the tattoos had been made, but today modern tattooist follow some perceptional steps, the tools used should be sterilized and clean, for these are all contaminated with ink and blood.  Others have diseases like Hepa A, B, or C or even HIV – AIDS that are all blood contagious diseases. Worry free now, if you follow the right steps and used clean tools before having Tattoos that are for life!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Camping Stuffs

Camping out together with friends is really one of the unforgettable things a person could have especially if there are a lot of activities one can learn. Doing particular things such as climbing in mountains, swimming in different kinds of rivers and seas are just some of the stuffs a person could do in camping in certain places. Aside from those, there are other stuffs can be done too. 

With that, bringing some stuff like swimwear, petzl headlamps, hand covers and a lot more are really important to have as there are activities need these ones. As there are stuffs can be done without including in the plans at all.