Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parents as Number One Example for our Kids

The other day, I read in my friend’s status that her daughter is calling her for dinner and if she won’t come right away, she will turn off the tv. A child telling her mother that? You would then wonder where in the world a seven year old kid learn to threat her mom. Oh well, from the mom herself that is the reason why she was tongue-tied upon hearing it and rush to the table right away just so not to embarrass herself the more. We laugh. Kids are really kids and we parents are always their best example. 

So if we parents love to eat healthy foods, our kids will also love fresh fruits and vegetables without any problem. If the parents are sporty ones or who often love outdoors, the kids will naturally inherit such hobby. Same thing with parents who loves to make music with any musical instruments as well as they have idea on new remo kintekloth tubano key-tuned at musicians friend it surely ends up with kids as musicians too themselves.

My stomach is not ok!

Oh goodness! I don't know what's going with my stomach, is this an ulcer attack? Early this morning I woke up with not really in the form. But I need to report to work, so I tried to manage it until the end of 8 hours and when I came home I need to lay on the sofa to have a rest. It is still the same now, I wonder if what really this is: I felt dizzy, empty and uncomfortable inside my tummy. 

I hope to eat properly and get rest, by the way I have to eat Longaniza for tonight's dinner. I know most filipino's love to have this with rice and egg, but for now I will have this for dinner so no egg. I added more tomatoes as my side dish. So wishing me a good stomach after eating. Have a great evening to all!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cabinets for Kitchen Needs

Looking for a storage place for your kitchen stuff and even foods are now easier to find. With the help of the internet connection, whatever you want and wherever you are, you can have the cabinet you want for your home. You can even find cabinets in winnipeg through online. All the styles you need and designs are offered to individuals. Just make sure that the website you are going to check is legit and can offer what you expect. Since a lot of companies have gone to online, looking for such website will never be that hassle to find. In the end, designs and quality is what only matters.

My new baby!

Yeah, since it is now December most individuals are crazy finding stuffs as Christmas gifts. I myself have a long list but they are just wish but one wish accomplished! That is to have mini tablet. Last Saturday, found out that Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.0 were on sale and think that could be a good buy. So without any delayed I went to the store and bought it! 

Now it's here with me and trying to learn those icons and applications that mostly are new to me. I hope can manage to understand all the use of that tablet. One thing, that is intended for travelers, and we are planning though to travel soon so will see if that really will be useful. 

I  find it as very cute and handy. 
Note: This picture is not mine, just found out that the item is exactly the same as what I have now. So just pasted here, picture is from google page.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foam Changing

Changing stuff at home is a good practice especially if the things you have are getting damage and is not good to use anymore. However, this idea is not that necessary yet highly recommended by professionals. This is to avoid having health issues. Most of the time, we encounter getting health issue due to the things we have a home like the foams we have for instance. 

Since dusts and termites can stay in foams, it is indeed important to check it regularly for we don’t know if they are already staying in it or not. But possibilities of occurring inside can happen. If that happens, changing it with the best one through Foam Factory cushions help; you can have foam that is free from dust and termites.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Play Squier

Good brand comes good quality of music. That’s Squier Telecaster, an electric guitar that sutes for rock, pop and even acoustic. Mostly being played my professionals because they have their own way of adjusting it, from the amplifiers down to the strings. 

People who have used the squier telecaster has gave a 5 star evaluation, a very high in satisfactory and most of all, highly recommended by many. So buying this wont be having a single doubt and regret. 

As long as you know how to the basic and everything will follow as how you follow your passion in producing quality music to all.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Heaven to hell!

What a title I've got here but it is the reality maybe. Bohol is known as one of the nicest island in Philippines, where the spot of most tourist. Bohol has the most white beaches and have a lot of beauty spots to visit but then in just a seconds it all gone away. Old churches fell down and some other big establishment. 

We really never know what will happen next. Sad to see these pictures down here, we will hope for the best that they can rebuild a new one. With that 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, now Bohol looks so pity. But God has the purpose for all of this. Sad...sad...sad! These churches are one of those spots that most foreigners wants to visit during their vacation, but now no more!

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy All The Time

Among all the places in your house, you kitchen is one of those that needs to be one of the cleanest. This is the place wherein you’re going to prepare your food and you wouldn’t want your family to be eating contaminated food. This is also the place wherein you would probably need the presence of a rack sack. This thing will help you out in keeping your garbage out of sight yet still keeping them inside your kitchen and not consuming that much space. 

The way you keep your garbage would also affect the cleanliness of your kitchen. Keep your garbage bins clean and close all the time.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Despite of what had happened!

I am pretty sure that all of you here heard or read already what had happened to my homeland Philippines. Last October 15, at around 8 o'clock in the morning the strongest earthquake happened in my place back home. Before it happened I talked to my mother around 6.30am before I slept. Not knowing that after an hour and half that scary quake will strike on them there. 

It is hard to be far away from them but I have to be with my family here in Europe. That is the design of being marriage. So since, we are not in the same zone I was sleeping when it happened. Just saw a text message and a miscall in the next morning about that on-going evacuation down there. 

Right there and then, I tried to contact them but I cannot reach them due to all electricity are off. My worries begun to strike and keep on praying and hoping that my family are safe. The only updates I read on is through facebook. Every time I opened and read on updates it is so tragic. 

I cried and asked for God's help for protection. That is the only thing I can do, I cannot help them physically but in prayers I can. After three days, I was able to contact them and it feels so good to hear my mom's voice and to hear that they are okey even though still scared. 

That was the first strongest earthquake I've ever noticed since when I was small. And for now, still have aftershocks and still hoping that they can manage to control themselves and hoping for a stop with this calamities they are facing now. Hope for the best!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get the tools that you need

I am not a super handy woman but I can do little things if really needed. There was one time that I really had hard time finding right tools for the repair of my bicycle. It takes me an hour to find the right tool but at the end still not the correct one. So I decided to borrowed one from our neighbor and thanks to her, my bicycle is ready to use again. 

In times that you need the correct tool and it seems hard to find it will make you crazy , specially if you need to fix that stuff right away. It is always good to have a complete tools in your house. So while online today I am fortunate to stumble those tools that are now for sale. This is my opportunity to check on and maybe buy one if the price is good.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Keep Pests Away From Your Kitchen

It is just so gross to see pests and insects roaming around your kitchen. You would eventually get paranoid if all your utensils were being crawled by them. This is the right time to go to the nearest department store and grab a phantom insecticide

Keep in mind that these pests won't be interested in getting inside a tidy kitchen. If you just know how to clean us and get rid of left over food properly, then these pests won't have any reason to visit your kitchen. If you are planning to spray pesticide one of these days, make sure you emptied your cabinets first to avoid any contamination.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Be Proud Of Your Music

The existence of music in this world is very helpful. It has been used in relaxation activities while others are using them as diversional activity whenever they're stressed out. Musicians oftentimes satisfy themselves by allowing other people to hear their craft. Using their cool monster pro 2500 power conditioner at musician's friend, they would be able to produce high quality music. 

If you think your ave the talent in music, you must have the confidence to show it out. Self confidence would later on be build up as time pass by. It takes a lot of courage before you would be able to reach your prime.

Planning to send box to Philippines!

I am planning to send a box/package to my family down there in Philippines. I hope I can finally call the office tomorrow for inquiry and will ask for the box to fill-up the stuffs. I have a friend who just recently sent her box a week ago and she advise me to make it done quickly so that it will arrive there before Christmas and that will be a good timing and surely they will be happy on it.

Actually I already have some stuffs here at home that are ready for sending. I only that box and will see if I can fill it up! So if ever, this is my first time to send package there after three and half years of being away from them.

So will see and hope I can manage with this project. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Eyes...eyes...eyes.. baby!

My eyes are getting tired after posting quite many tonight! Just home from work and tried making some updates for my sites. It is not an easy job but I love posting that is the only problem. But now I can feel that my eyes are both saying stop and have rest! LOL..

Well, well just a quick update for today! I found a picture that I had been trying to post before  but forgot it all the time! These bikes are located in Oslo city and they are use for those who wants to bike around the city. All you need to do is to pay and have that bike. In short that is for rental.

So maybe one day will try to rent one and check if I can manage to roam around! Hmmm... just thinking over! Not that sure but a good idea though.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cheap Yet Awesome U Bass Up For Grabs

With today's economic crisis, almost everyone can be lured by any items on sale especially if the brand is quite famous. Musicians are also availing them these days. They can actually save on kala u bass at musicians friend and among others. More of these high quality instruments are on sale and getting them on incredibly low prices is such a great deal. 

These days, everyone needs to be practical. Sale days will not last forever but if ever you get to bump one of them, grab the opportunity and do not let it pass. Companies would always these clearance sale to make room for the new items.

The Love Of Summer!

Summer is here really and time to go roam around and walking and take the chance to get heat for the real sun. So today after work we decided for a short work and get a chance to pick some berries along the road. A road where it is not too much crowded. Indeed we pick some strawberries. I love most these berries than those blueberries. I took one shot for those berries. Right there and then we usually ate at once. Super yummy but just careful with some insects inside. Must be careful in a way!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Organizing Your Presentations With Folders

For a presenter who wants everything to be perfect, he or she will see to it that all of the items are being arranged in their well-labeled folders. To have an idea on tthese things, you may check printing presentation folders at printingamerica.com

When the time comes that a past presentation needed to be reviewed, these labeled folders would be of great help. It can easily be located saving everyone's time. Keeping your files in this manner could also help you out in maintaining the tidiness of your desk or even the entire office. It really pays to be organized all the time.

Beware! Just a simple rant!

Many says that living abroad is not as easy as what most people think. You can encounter differences in between your own nationality. You will never know who is the real friend surrounds and who is the one who will be there for you when you need a help or companionship. So careful, you will learn lessons from small to big issues. I myself is still in adjustment period. I am trying to balance people and expect not all are good. Many are pretenders! Lol... I know for sure many of you knows how to be abroad if we are the same shoes. Well, I learned and I am a kind of a person that once had some bad experienced I am really afraid to do so.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My new bag!

Wanna have some purse anyone? This is in addition to my bags collection. I simply love this one. One day I will try to collect all the bags that I like and maybe will make a business out of it. That could be a good idea maybe. This one has a very unique fashion style so that is why I grabbed it without any hesitation. Lol.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Smoking Cessation Program

It cannot be denied that smoking can cause many unwanted serious and terminal illness. Lucky are those who gets well but for those who do not have enough money to have themselves medically treated, most end up in the grave. Currently, in most health care facilities, they have this Smoking Cessation Unit, guiding and helping a person who wants to stop smoking by following a step by step program. This is a good news for those smokers who wanted to stop smoking. 

On the other hand, if you are selling premium cigars, better check out the cigar affiliate program because they do offer a wide variety of premium cigars that is well sought by customers. For sure they are quality ones. Ideal gift for big shots!

Removing Entrecard on my sites!

I've been into entrecard dropping. When I started my blogging world entrecard was so popular to me. I do dropping 300 cards in each blog every day. Imagine how much time I did before just to have traffic in blog. But this time I cannot see any possibilities to gain back traffic in dropping. 

I tried once again but I did not even get anybody replied on my drops. SO I decided to stop and will now remove all my icons here. I am planning to clean my entercard icons this weekend and hope to get well in this kind of sick feeling. 

Have to park now and will find more energy for a marathon tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beautifying our Living Room

There are many beautiful furniture that will make your living room or bedroom cozy. I love cozy rooms and one of my faves in the house is our bedroom and then our living room. I saw some an on sale sign in one of the onlie shops that sells bean bag sofa. Bean bags for the sofa, though I want to purchase one because I like to put it in my bedroom. It will add up to the cozyness of the room. 

I love seating in a love seat or those bean bags before going to sleep. I love the thought of spending time reading a book or magazine before hitting the bed. I will share some photos later when my orders will arrive later. One does not need expensive pieces of furniture to beautify a living room or a room. It’s your creativity that will really enhance it. So no matter how cheap or how expensive the furniture is, it does not matter. Your style and tastes will make it the best room in the whole house.

Another gift for me!

Here is another gift for me, I posted in some of my blogs that I got a gift card from one of my sister-in-law. Thanks so much dear sister that your gift card really is worth. So here is the orchid that I was dreaming of. Now, it came to reality that I am now taking care of this one. Hope I can manage to handle this till the end! (lol) drama... Anyway, thanks once again! I truly appreciate your gift. Simple but really means a lot because this has been my wish long time ago.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Birthday Celebration!

I am thankful that God gave me another additional year in my life. Thanks God and wishing for more healthy years to come, and as a celebration me and my husband decided to take a short cruise to Germany. So in short we did, I celebrated my day with this snicker's cake and this was really sweet and yummy! A simple celebration together was perfect! Having short vacation by ferry was really relaxing, all you need is just to eat and watch some shows and shopping around the ferry. Awesome!

Yehey! I can now wear slippers!

Finally, the day has come! Today is the day that I can wear slipper. I found this slipper in a plastic bag here at home! Luckily the size fits on me and take note this is Havaianas with Norway flag. I love the color and the simplicity of this slipper. So I wore it today, super comfy and of course hoping that I can wear slippers all this summer season. Hoping for no rain!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pamper Your Pets With The Best Cushions In Town

Your pets are considered to be your own children and they also receive that kind of pampering that they truly deserve. After a hard day’s work, the presence of your pet will take away your stress in an instant. To return the favor, you might as well want to look for bed for pets here and let then sleep comfortably. 

Some pets have their own preference of cushion but being their owner, you would probably know what time of cushion to give them. Depending on the kind of pet, warm and fluffy beds are best suited while some would like to have the feathery and cool ones. 

Giving all these to your pets is worth it.

Summer...Summer.... Are You Here?

Today is a bright Sunny day! I was with my friend for a couple of hours eating 'pancit' that is a traditional food from Philippines. Yesterday a friend of my friend celebrates their wedding anniversary in my friend's house. So they had fun, eating, dancing, drinking and of course giving the right meaning of celebrating that unforgettable day of the couples. In Philippines wedding anniversary is very important and must be celebrate every year if possible. This reminds of reminiscing the day when the two persons face the life of marriage/when the two become one. That is why that is really memorable. Filipino's are know to be romantic and even in a simple celebration that will be good enough! 

So since, I was not there yesterday a good friend of mine took away some food for me. So today at around 3pm was the perfect time to visit her. So thanks my friend for inviting me. I saw pictures and the banner that they made for the couple. I can imagine how great that was for the couples. As my friend says: The couples did not expect that celebration it was a surprised and with candle lighting too! Romantic indeed! 

Lastly, today it was 12 degrees... Thank you Lord for your great Sunshine... more more sunny days please!

Will be going to birthday party tomorrow!

A friend of mine is inviting us for a short birthday celebration tomorrow. She is now in her 40's. As they said life begins at 40. That is maybe right? Well, me and my friend will visit her and just waiting for her confirmation. So hope to have a good time with the celebrant! Actually today is her day, and tomorrow she will just entertain me and my friend. That will be nice for sure. She is our friend from our Norwegian course year ago. So Happy 40th birthday my dear friend.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Advantages Of Space Saving Cabinets

Space these days is slowly becoming one of the basic needs. With a lot of things being invented; space for them are also decreasing. People want to have everything yet they don’t have enough space for it. However, human beings are intelligent; they were able to find solutions thus the inventions of rev-a-shelf house accessories.

Some are space saving cabinets that can easily be pushed inside the walls and pulled when needed. Their existence really brought that much convenience to a lot of people especially those who are living in box-type condominiums. They can already have everything that they need even if their space is not big enough.

Curly Hair?

Since when I was in high-school, I was dreaming to have a long curly hair. It was always in my wishlist to go in a saloon and have my hair curl. But since I was in high-school a lot of my friends told me that my hair was nice, shiny and black. So I still did not pursue for my curly thing. 

Until I reached to my college graduation and I asked my Uncle if he can pay my saloon that day. I remember very well he said yes. In short I was at the saloon and requested to the beautician about my hair. I want it  to be curl on my graduation day. So, the saloon did it but it was hard. But I did it that day! 

Anyway, it only last for an hour and my hair gets back to straight! So I was a bit frustrated again. So waited and waited until today I finally bought a curly wand. I hope I will find this interesting. Glad that finally I made it. After long years of waiting. So now I can do whatever I want to be in my hair since I have a long hair now. 

I can do an experiment! Here is the Curly Wand just bought today! It came with a pouch and that I feel happy. I tried a bit today before shower and really good, easy and the wand is so light.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paying Online Bills!

Today got some more bill reminders online. Time to pay online bills like: hostings, Gw's fees, DA's fees etc. Good enough that I have enough funds on my paypal and now done it all! Thanks God for the provision always. Now all are paid, and ready to find some more $ online again. I am not that super active online now, I don't have much time but trying still. 

Anyway, got a surprise gift a keychain from our dear V. Thanks a lot my dear, you are such a person who knows how to make others smile in your little way of giving some remembrance from your tour.  I love it with my name printed on, cute and simple! Thanks!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Cutting Edge Virtual Demand

As technology gets modernized and the necessity of modern individual gets sophisticated, the virtual demand has become even more cutting edge with the development of VPS Cloud Hosting. Although the concept is not new but the system is just simply being change to adapt to the end users needs that it can be more available to more customers either for personal or business use within the financial means of most people. And for now there is just no way of accessing your files through the internet that is more efficient and at the same time affordable without using a shared or common infrastructure. 

One big advantage of virtual hosting services is being lightweight wherever you may go that you don’t have to bring along with you tons of hard drive and hardware as your data were only stored on servers at a remote location. You can access them anytime as long as internet access is available which is very uncommon nowadays. Although virtual machines runs on the same physical computer with other customers in one big mainframe but every client has its own dedicated virtual servers. So even when you are sharing one big operating system you still have your own privacy with higher levels of security. 

And since you are still using the internet to access your files, it can still be capable of being accessed illegally or open to attacks by hackers and virus. So be careful and choose your hosting company that you think is reliable and has high reputation in this kind of business. You have the choice in hosting, all you need is to search or simply check the link above. Surely you will be glad. 

Remember that running business online with great hosting will give you more easy way of running and maintaining your business. You can recommend this to some friends who are in need of proper, affordable hosting. Don't take the risk of getting hosting which you cannot trust fully. Make sure the support is available and that it contains all what you need. VPS hosting has been known online and if you are more curious open their page and check everything there. 

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

Summer Time Are You Coming?

Winter is out summer is in! Excuse your self from the cover ups, make your self go out and sweat, go out in the sunlight, have fun at the beach summer holidays are here! Travel with your love ones and experience that fair sunny skies, glistening and sandy beaches. Make your weekend available for best summer outings you can visit these places and have idea to where your summer destination will be, Croatia (Pical Hotel), Turkey (Sensatori Turkey), Rhodes (Parasun Studios). It is great to explore and experience the best summer ever. Splash out and get wet on hot days like these, get into you best summer outfit and sexy bathing suits. Have fun in the sun, its time for tan!

Milan, Italy has its own way to have fun this summer, if don't like to go swimming on the beach or have beach break, you can always get into your feet and walk, for sure that will also give you a good time, here are just three of the best beach break there: Mediteranean Coastline, Pisa and Rome.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's another purse again!

Call me crazy when it comes to purses! Yes, I admit I am super crazy with bags and wallets. This time got a new nine west purse. Bought this from U.S and got shipped here in my place. I am thankful to a friend who always do a favor for me, by buying online and do the shipping going here. Nice to have a good friend who acts like a sister to me. So got my first nine west, which I really love the color and the size itself. 

I already use this for special tour around the town or when going to friends party. Quiet small one, really fits me very well. I still have some more purses, have to take pictures once can find time for that. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Help the Veterans

At some time in their younger lives, the veterans are the people who fought the wars for the general public of the country that they served. Many of them have suffered the cruelty of war, coming home incomplete with lost limb, eyesight or hearing, or coming home with extra baggage of war memories haunting them for the rest of their lives. They have forced themselves to e away from their own families. Some have been tortured and left for dead. Those who died left widows and fatherless children. Those who survived, have continued to grow older. Some died before really reaching their old age but those who are no longer capable of earning a living, they are still trying to live a life, but often without much financial support. This problem is what www.vetsvehicle.org is trying to solve. If you are aware with the saying that: Everything happens for a reason. So in this way this online page is trying to build a solution to help those veterans who are still living now. 

What they do is collect vehicle donations from whoever are willing to give up their vehicles. They get to sell it and the accumulated money gets to be distributed to the veteran groups that they have in their list. Everything is recorded transparently that all figures are accounted for. There are others doing the same but many of them are doing it for their own interest. Knowing this gives the donor the assurance that their donation is going to the people who they meant to help. 

There is little time left for our veterans to live their lives decent enough to make life worth remembering. Helping them in this way is just our little way to contribute to their rightful happiness. Hoping that no one will deny them that happiness. After all, not everyone can do what they have done. The little we can do to help them may just be a drop in the bucket but if everyone does it, the collective effort can amass to a great thing. Please share this information if you know someone who has the capability to help and of course willing to do so.
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

Let's talk all about $$$!!!

How would you spend your money if you have a million at hand? Probably, you would say that, "of course I will use it for good", others may say, " I'll just keep it for my future". There are things in life that are good to stay and others are also good to share it with others. Making a wise decision on money will really affect you big time if you spend it without the right mind set. 

Of course you can provide and save for yourself, and it is also right to share it to those who need it. But others may do it their thing by just giving it for free and spending it up on things that they don't need. Especially when you are shopping, don't spend too much of the things that you will just dump it around the house, or you just bought it because you like the color or just because it is cute. Think of the things you need most. Do not get over your budget, make things practical it is more beneficial. Make limitations and discipline yourself if you have to.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Materials for Repairing

It is really a big help to have materials for repairing up stuffs at home such as cabinets, stands and a lot more. Materials like screws, nails, hooks and so much more to mention are indeed really useful especially if there are damage stuffs at home which needed to be repaired as soon as possible. 

In terms of buying for repairing materials, there are a lot of shops that do sell. You can avail those screws, nails, hooks and even fasteners at reidsupply.com. There are other stores sell such thing though. Thence, if you want to choose for other brands you can have the options to choose for.

A pinay into purses!

I am a certified filipina who really loves to collect purses. I cannot imagine at my 30's my collection for bags will gonna shine on. In my 20's I already had interests in purses but due to budget did not able to buy purses that I want. But now in some way I have some budget on it, since I still don't have a child. So, buying purses really rocks. Sorry to say but I am really addicted we might say. But I am still in control lol. I bought purses in U.S and I want an Authentic one. But month ago I bought one here in Norway. I did not let that day not to bring this one home. A leather one and I love the color and the style and of course the style itself. So, without any hesitation I bought it at once. Isn't this cute? 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's rock and roll!

Do you love to play guitar? Playing guitar is one way of appreciating music. One way of relaxing right? How I wish I can really play guitar. My husband, is a guitar lover. It’s almost every night he do strums on specially if we watch on some music play on TV. I can imagine that it will be more exciting if he will add guitar speaker on it. The sounds will surely be perfect! I came to the point of buying one for him, that could be interesting right?! I am choosing one from those celestion speakers. I hope that this will add more colors in his guitar playing. And I am pretty sure he will appreciate it as he really a music and guitar lover.

A short visit to my grandpa!

I am now just waiting for the time to call my mom. I want to hear about her short trip to my grandpa's home. My 'lolo' is sick and my mom was a bit worried. So, she decided to have a quick visit! So pity for my 'lolo' he is old and alone. Lola passed away last year and for sure he is sad and feeling alone. I talked to him month ago and in every time he hears my voice he is starting to cry over the phone. I did not see my lolo for almost 26 years now. 

My hope is that God will give him more years to live. I always told him to be strong. Thankful for all my aunties who helped him and assist him all the time. My mom's family are very kind, they really find time to be together and even though all siblings are living far from each other I can feel the closeness is still there. 

Anyway, get well soon lolo... I miss you!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Great Home Cares for Seniors

We are not getting any younger anymore. So a great respect to elderly people is a must! For myself I am easily getting more close to elderly one than those young ones. My heart maybe belongs to them. One time, a friend of mine asked me why not to work at the home for the aged? Well, a great question! Yes, I want to but I have this back pain problem so maybe not good for me at all! She told me how it is working there as she is working there currently. She said it is nice to talk with old people but sometimes boring, I can understand! 

Anyway, I am talking here about giving great cares for seniors. If you have parents at home at their senior age then surely they need more cares right? Mostly seniors at their old age needs products and supplies for personal. At www.parentgiving.com there you can find supplies for elder serving adults and seniors. One stop shop for elderly people needs. You can directly order through their webpage online. Just check on items that your loved ones needs. They all have the branded products if you want too. 

Like for example: Depends designed for men, this is good for men of course. Depends is known as a great brand, they also have for women. A brand that gives total comfort, looks like regular underwear and protects right where men needs it most and provides worry free odor control. Plus this kind of brand protects against leakage and provide snug comfort like men’s underwear. So surely comfortable for those who needs but of course it is up to you to find out too. But according to the reviews it gives total perfect solution!

So guys, if you need home cares for seniors then try to find out what’s on their offers list. Surely you will be glad you did it!

Kids in the new generation!

Kids now a days are developing more, they don't need to spend much of their time on the out door activities rather they are very addicted on the fast changing technology. Why play tag, when you can do it on computer and play the Defense of the Ancient (DOTA), or do children need to go the school library and research there when all they need is to turn on the wi-fi and check it on their very accessible i Pads and the likes. Of course it will save too much time and effort, but their bodies are not that active enough.

 Even when you want to play a sport like bowling, you don't have to go to the Bowling center just to play, you can now play at home using XBOX, and play bowling all day long. Our bodies and minds need to exercise to keep it strong and healthy, accompanied with a correct food diet and for sure our kids will get that nutrients they needed for the day.

Decorate your home both indoor and outdoor!

Decorating your abode both indoor and outdoor is perfect! During summer it is always nice to be outdoor, do the gardening and put some more decorations on your lawn area. To have an outside fountain is a very nice idea. It will gives more calm and relaxing effect on your ground, right? So since spring is coming it is good to plan ahead of time. I am in the mood of searching out different styles/designs for outside fountains. I want simple and elegant and of course must be affordable one.

Technology Trends

What's new in global trends in technology? If you are what they say "Tekki" for sure you are excited to know about the new innovations in computers, cellphones, and even televisions. If you will to compute the cellphone users in United States you'll never stop counting maybe a billion and more, that's why mobile consumers are the target in the cellphone market. 

More gadgets are coming up, like the always updated tablets, it is going to be a tablet domination this year for sure. Laptops are still present, like in Microsoft Windows 8 it will going to be significant this year. A much higher definition televisions are in for this year. TV's are not just for watching they are and smarter too, with its realistic picture likely to be in 3D and HD qualities. And ofcourse consumers are looking for the energy saving, with great designs that fit to their home setup. Expect more to come this year in technology update.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Do you meditate?

I know for sure many of us knows what meditation is. This is the way of relaxing and helping our mind and body to be totally relax and calm. Free from worries and any other mental discomfort. Meditation helps a lot, if we train to learn the proper way of meditating then this will surely a great way to think positive in all ways. To help more relax during our meditation moment it is always good to have comfortable place and if possible use a comfortable meditation cushion too. I myself is starting to do it before I sleep so trying to be positive in all ways.

Snowman 2013!

I am pretty sure you love to make your own style of a snowman. Here I come with my snowman, he is still standing outside besides on our kitchen area. Standing there for two weeks feels so great! It was my 1st time to make this one and of course with the help of my partner and until now he is still alive and smiling. 

And today, the snow is melting and my partner told me that it's perfect to make another snowman but I've been busy indoor so no time for outdoor today. He is tall and handsome agree? 

Indeed I love this snowman!!! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Anti-virus for PCs

These days, a lot of viruses have been snooping out computers. Thus, it’s really important to have protections. There are a lot of anti-virus software available online and even in the market. With that, there’s nothing to get worry of. However, since we don’t know what are the best and reliable brand of anti-virus… asking for those who own personal computers and even those who owns an internet cafĂ© will somehow give us ideas on what to get. Actually, there are plenty but if you are looking for great one find ESET Endpoint Antivirus instead. It’s been buzzing online that this particular antivirus is good compare to others. If you doubt, you can check out some reviews about it online.

How Could It Be For All First Time Moms

On the first time you ever seen your child born it is automatically that you are a "mom", and for sure the explainable feeling will be there until you realized that how wonderful life is when you see that little one looking at you and his eyes are saying "I need you, take care of me" and for sure it will make you cry. Being a mom, is quite very hard at first, but you can be able to understand why things go like this and that, especially when you have your first born. It is important the know the basics. 

At the moment your child is born until he grows up you still be his mom, and it will not stop there until he graduated from school, have his own job, raises a family of his own, and even if you have your grandchildren around. It is a task given by God that women are designed to take care of the little ones, because we have the heart to do it and the strength to guide and care for them, and you ladies out there, you will know it someday, for sure you would.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beat Pet Obesity with Proper Nutrition

Obesity is becoming common in dogs and is a serious health problem. It can cause heart problems, diabetes, and arthritis and can also prove to be very costly for you.
It is very important that you prevent your dog from becoming obese by following the recommended feeding guideline for the food you are feeding them. Treats should also always be fed in moderation and no human junk food should ever be given as the calories contained in the food are of a much higher percentage of their daily allowance compared to yours so a biscuit is more fattening to your dog than you think. 

If your dog is overweight, obese or prone to putting on weight (as some breeds are such as English Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs, Dalmatians and Dachshunds) it is important to feed them an appropriate weight control diet. Diets which are designed to help your dog achieve a healthy weight are great to ensure your dog receives the nutrients they require but with a lower energy content to prevent weight gain and help reduce their body fat. Obviously exercise also needs to be encouraged to help your dog shed the excess pounds. 

As different breeds and sizes of dogs have varying nutritional requirements it is also important that the diet you feed also suits their pedigree size. 

Royal Canin Mini Light food is designed for small breeds that weigh up to 10kg. This diet can be fed to dogs over ten months old and its special formula helps to keep your dog satisfied between meals. The kibble shape and the calcium content help to reduce tartar formation to keep their teeth and gums healthy and reducing their energy intake by 18%. 

The Royal Canin Medium Light diet is for medium sized breeds weighing between 11 to 25kg and can be fed to dogs that are one year and older. The energy intake of the food is reduced by 30% and contains a fat content of 11%. However the protein content is high at 30% to promote fat loss whilst maintaining muscle mass. 

Royal Canin Maxi Light is suitable for adult and mature large breeds aged from 15 months weighing between 26-44kg. This food also reduces their energy intake by 30% and is great for breeds prone to putting on weight easily. The high protein and low fat content complement each other to encourage the metabolism of fat (to aid weight loss) whilst maintaining muscle mass.

How Well Known is Tweeter?

Twitter has become one of the most famous social networking sites these days wherein people often checks for the latest news and updates. For others it even became their main source of communication. Lucky for those who are living in countries wherein data plans for mobile phones are cheap or almost obligatory, because they can check and use their accounts even if they are walking on the streets. 

There has been a survey conducted just recently to determine which country tweets the most. A lot has been expecting that the place would be one of the cities in the US but it was found out that majority of the tweeters in the world are living in Jakarta, Indonesia. There might be a lot of twitter users in the US but not all of them are tweeting every now and then. Behind Jakarta are New York City, Tokyo, London, and Sao Paulo.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gift Ideas for the coming Valentine!

Hearts day is coming over. Are you prepared? Have you think or plan what to give to your loved ones? Valentine, is well-known as lovers day. Even in a simple way of showing that you remember this day or even buying a simple gift to your behalf just to show that you care and love is really good. So as early as now, I can tell you to think and get some ideas that fits your partner.

You can check online or you can check at you home or you can make your own stuff to give. There are so many ways if you just really want to give, right? I also find some specials online and ideas if anyone of you needs some unique gifts. What about fashion jewelry? Isn’t that cool? For him/her jewelry is perfect. You can choose the best item and with reasonable price. Jewelry last and it will remind of your special someone that he/she is remembered and loved. A simple gesture will remains forever.

Remember that gifts is one of love sign as they said. You are giving gift to someone because you mean it to him/her right? So, find the best gift for this coming Valentine. Flowers can be too, but that is a bit common but still perfect! I am looking forward for this too. Wishing you all a happy hearts day on February 14 mark that day.

Great Tips On How To Kill Boredom

There would come a time that you just can’t decipher what to do for the entire day. It happens more often when you are having your off days wherein everyone is at work. You might be one of those call center agents, nurses and all other health care facility personnel. 

During those off days, you would most probably spend it inside your house. To kill boredom, you can have a movie marathon or might as well buffer all your favorite TV series that you’ve missed because of your hilarious work schedule. Another time consuming thing to do is to have a general cleaning in your house. Start it from dusting your windows as well as all the other things that you have. 

Then have a change of curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases. After which, you can have a general laundry as well. These things could exhaust you for sure and a good sleep would be nice to further kill the time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What does it mean?

I opened my two blogs that under blogger and suddenly I saw this pop-up icon in front of my page. It is so annoying, I am wondering what is this? And what really the reason why I have this pop-up in my two page. I am looking for an answer but still did not get any respond. I hope this will gone as soon as possible. This is not good for my page either.

Have anybody encountered this kind of notification? Is this a virus or what? Hoping that this will not harm on our pc or in the page. Not all of my page has that pop-up only the two blogs that under blogger. But blogs under wordpress don't have it.

Anyway it makes me wonder!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Arthritis and joint disease in dogs

Arthritis and joint disease is common in dogs. Osteoarthritis affects one in five dogs and this can be young dogs as well as old. Certain breeds seem to be more susceptible than others to various joint problems with larger breeds suffering more than smaller ones due to increased pressure and weight on their joints.
Joint disease can lead to degenerative arthritis which is painful and crippling. Possible joint problems include patella luxation, hip dysplasia, ruptured cruciate ligaments and joint trauma. Symptoms of joint trauma and degenerative arthritis include varying degrees of lameness, stiffness and joint pain which is often more obvious in the mornings and getting up after sleeping. As with humans the cold and damp worsen the symptoms and it gets worse over time. Some dogs can become miserable and show behavioral changes as they become more uncomfortable. 

Whilst there is no cure for arthritis and joint disease there are measures you can take to help ease your dogs pain and slow the worsening of the disease down. The dog should be a good weight, being overweight will put too much pressure on the dogs joints so ideally the dog should be its average weight and not on the large side. In order to do this ensure your dog is eating the correct amount of food, if need be you can get special diet foods. Exercise is important in moderation, too much will put too much pressure on the dogs joint so two short walk are ideal. Swimming is a great way for your dog to get exercise without putting pressure on their joints so a nearby pond/lake is ideal. Try and not allow your dog to jump as the sudden impact is not good for joints. 

As well as diet and exercise there are a number of great supplements you can give your dog to help ease pain and reduce inflammation in the joints. Trocoxil is an anti inflammatory containing the active ingredient Mavacoxib. It works by inhibiting the enzyme that helps create the inflammation. This is a fairly new medication which is less frequent then most as it is only a monthly tablet. 

Carprieve is another anti-inflammatory pain relief used for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. It can also be used to help post operative recovery. This tablet is available unflavoured as well as flavoured as well as in chewable tablets.  

Rimadyl is another medication that is available. It is a daily dose and helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation, it is good post surgery and for chronic conditions.

Body Art Tattoo

This involves the inserting of an ink into the layer of the skin. This was used before in animals mainly for identification purposes only.  Body art tattoos now days are used in human body, it is an art that make a particular statement you want to prove if you have a tattoo.   

Before, tattoos are used traditionally as a decorative marks, and some used it for an indication of a level in your life or an age counter. Others use it for branding and others just for an art itself, while there are some use it for cosmetic purposes like a permanent makeup or hiding some impurities in the skin, some use it for medical purposes. 

Even for religious perspective tattoos can be used, like in Mormon, Islam and even Judaism. Before in early days of tattooing, hygienically speaking, tattooist before doesn't care about having infection and allergies after the tattoos had been made, but today modern tattooist follow some perceptional steps, the tools used should be sterilized and clean, for these are all contaminated with ink and blood.  Others have diseases like Hepa A, B, or C or even HIV – AIDS that are all blood contagious diseases. Worry free now, if you follow the right steps and used clean tools before having Tattoos that are for life!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Camping Stuffs

Camping out together with friends is really one of the unforgettable things a person could have especially if there are a lot of activities one can learn. Doing particular things such as climbing in mountains, swimming in different kinds of rivers and seas are just some of the stuffs a person could do in camping in certain places. Aside from those, there are other stuffs can be done too. 

With that, bringing some stuff like swimwear, petzl headlamps, hand covers and a lot more are really important to have as there are activities need these ones. As there are stuffs can be done without including in the plans at all.