Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Filipino can't live without rice in their meal

Filipinos love to eat, and since we knew that they are hospitable and a fun-loving people, food are the basis of their social lives. Filipino eats meal three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and in additional they have what they called merienda or snacks in between, they eat snacks between 10:30 am and then in the afternoon 3:30pm, in every meal they must have rice. 

Rice make their starving stomach to become full, without rice it seems they are still hungry, as we observed even though Filipino migrates in a foreign country they are still looking for rice because in the Philippines Filipino are trained to eat rice that is why Filipino are more energetic than other because rice contains carbohydrates which used as a fuel of our body as a source of energy and also Philippines is one of the country that abundant in rice.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Helping in Getting His Instrument

One time I had a conversation with a friend of mine whom he said that he is helping his friend on how to earn online and he also encouraged him to set-up his blog so he could earn more and be able to buy the music instrument he wanted to have. But I am not sure if what he wants is the same with the Keilwerth saxophones at WWBW. Though I can’t differentiate the difference of the music from the other saxophones but I still remember what a friend of mine told me that they are a reputable company and have a reliable products.

For my new born cousin!

A cousin of mine gave birth months ago and her sister sent her a lot of stuffs from Philippines to her daughter and indeed I love all the designs of all the dresses. So I keep some pictures out of it an idea for me in the future. Buying stuffs from Philippines cost too little compared buying from U.S itself. So I understand why my cousin let her sister to buy cute dresses for her little princess from her homeland.To save and to get great styles, simple yet elegant. So here they are.. I know you will have the same reaction as me. They are lovely nice!

Lesser Hospital Stay

The growing advancement in technology makes things easier in almost everything and even in the medical field a minimally invasive spine surgery is now possible. This is not just good for medicine but more so to the fast recovery of the patient and less time of hospital stay as well since it is a less invasive procedure. Many believe that it is a win-win situation for everyone especially to the patient’s financial status since medicine and hospitalization is very expensive nowadays. In fact, some patients are encouraged to at least move around after surgery so they can be discharged as soon as possible.

Where do I begin!

What a title indeed! I don't know where should I begin for my task today, I feel like busy but I did not do much exactly. Time is running and still a lot of things are pending. Whatta, Saturday indeed! I maybe have to do the bathing and feel the warm water and try to come back again and see if my mind will be working well on doing task online. 

So as my title says, where do I begin! I will rather begin in taking some shower for my body to be ready and relax. Anyway, have a great Saturday folks. I'll be back in an hour.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Once a Harmless File

The growing popularity of technological advancement and the devices that is attached with it is making waves in all corners of the world. You’ll find updated and new versions of tech gadgets in just several months from the time you bought the first version. While in the music industry, you can find many sites that offer free audiobook downloads. It is now a growing trend in the P2P world but just make sure that you are protected when you download something from the internet because there are so many computer malware and virus that are hidden in files that once we thought is harmless. So always be careful before downloading something from the internet.

A Short Stop!

I am active in commenting towards other blogs but last week I did not able to fulfilled it all until the deadline. I cannot concentrate on reading post and aside from that my blog is not in proper activation, there was an error from the server so I decided to quit for now. I will have to get back once I am ready and have time. I am planning to join alexa hopping but check more on the threads on how to do it. I don't have much time to finish all online task in an ordinary days now, I am working most of the time so will find some more simple traffic along.

I love commenting as it gives real backlinks but due to my work and busy days will stop for awhile. Will see, hope to get back one day.

Best Quality Cigars

When you are travelling and you smoke cigars then many would suggest that you should bring along with your stuff because gas station cigars is pretty low in quality. Most of the reviews that you can get on where to buy best quality cigars, they will always suggest not going to your local gas station. Instead you should pay a visit or get one from a cigar shop if you want to smoke the good one. Although I am not saying that all stations are selling bad stuff but mostly you can find high quality cigars in well known cigar shops that have been specializing the business for quite some time already.

Who can resists with Turon!

While doing some post  I am also checking out my facebook. I need to read some threads from the other day that I did not able to follow. I have some groups in facebook that talks more on blogging to better to be updated anyway. While scanning threads suddenly a blogger friend of mine posted this kind of merienda that I truly like best. This is what we called Turon, inside is a banana and outside is a wrapper that wraps around the banana inside and with matching melted sugar as a toppings. I cannot find any Asian banana here so how could I make one? But she told me that I can use ordinary banana, hmmm... maybe I can do that one day. I am really craving for this one. Yumm!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The World of Fashion

The world of fashion, I believe has evolved from the very beginning and that it adapts to the modern world as well. But despite its attunement to the changing trends, I also noticed that this change can be seen again several years later. Like the style of the charms for pandora bracelets, although there might be differences yet it is not that very obvious and then the cycle goes again. And one good thing about it is that it comes in various styles and I am certain that you are going to find one in whatever occasion that you want to use it. Probably the only difficult thing is in choosing which one to have since there are so many good choices available.

Tips On How To Kill Boredom

There would come a time that you just can’t decipher what to do for the entire day. It happens more often when you are having your off days wherein everyone is at work. You might be one of those call center agents, nurses and all other health care facility personnel.

During those off days, you would most probably spend it inside your house. To kill boredom, you can have a movie marathon or might as well buffer all your favorite TV series that you’ve missed because of your hilarious work schedule.

Another time consuming thing to do is to have a general cleaning in your house. Start it from dusting your windows as well as all the other things that you have. Then have a change of curtains, bed sheets and pillow cases. After which, you can have a general laundry as well. These things could exhaust you for sure and a good sleep would be nice to further kill the time.