Saturday, October 27, 2012

At my 30’s I finally met him!

I cannot imagine that at this age of mine I finally met Fairy. When I was a kid fairies for me is just like nothing. What’s in my mind, fairy is just a story that is not true! I read a lot of fairytale books and I marked there that Fairy is just in mind an imagination that will never be happen or a fantasy. 

But Fairy has a plan, he proved that he is true. He wants to tell the world that he is just around the corner and willing to give what people needs specially to all bloggers. He is the most kind fairy ever. I am not bragging without any proof, he really grant my request! This is an early Christmas gift for me. 

Fairy Hobmother is super generous. I read a lot of post about him and finally I can testify that on my own blog that he is really the best! For you who wish to get a surprise gifts from Fairy Hobmother, leave comment here together with the link of your blogs and get surprise one day by his visit.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stress Relieving Activities For Busy Moms

Compared to any kind of career in this world, being a mother is considered to be the most challenging and most noble one. It doesn’t have any monetary compensation aside from the gratitude of family members. It doesn’t have off days; that’s why moms are prone to stress.

Common activity to relieve stress is by doing anything that you love doing. It may be in the form of listening to music, cooking or painting or by simply spending time with your kids and husband. These people are your inspiration and would most likely be the source of your happiness. Always bear a positive aura and avoid thinking of negative things. Happy thoughts would most likely attract happy moments.

Avoid watching heart-breaking films as well as those with violent plots. Another effective and natural way would be breathing. Take time to do breathing exercises. This relaxes your mind as well as relieve whatever is mind blowing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Add jack screws to your tool box

Simple renovation requires time, effort, and materials. Even hanging wall paintings needs a material that might suit for it. One time I tried to hang wall paintings by myself without using screw just merely plastic material with glue on it. However, it didn’t work so good. I asked my partner instead of keep trying it, which still doesn’t work. 

He bought the right tools for it .The job has been easy then. It works well and the screw is in a good quality. For sure, it will survive for quite long. For your screw needs, jack screws is the best. You can find all the types of screw sizes. Give it a try!

It's getting colder and colder

Oh well, soon really is winter. Now is fall here but it is now freezing at night. So meaning the real cold winter time is approaching. I have a plan to check all my winter clothes, scarf and other winter stuffs this weekend. It is better to be prepared ahead of time right? I am planning to buy winter jacket too if I can find one that fits me. Will see.

By the way, I called my sister 3 days ago and I am looking forward for the clothes package soon. I told her to buy something for me like formal dress, etc. So hope it won't cost a lot and she is planning to send it via DHL. That would me my 1st time to receive a package from them. Excited..winks..

Be ready for your ski clothing on this coming winter

I am looking forward for the winter to come. Although it will be a freezing season but it is necessary to have better clothing. One thing why I like winter is I can go skiing. Last winter I have not been skiing dues to some other priorities. On this coming winter, I will make sure that I can and use my ski clothing at

Well, at least I am anticipating for it. I have the clothing from head to toe. I like the jacket I bought from them. It suit and perfect for me. I am also happy for the bonnet and gloves.

Breakfast for a certified Pinay!

A typical breakfast for a certified Pinay. LOL! If you are a filipina you will agree with me. I had this during my breakfast this morning. A fried rice with egg and some sort of bacon. Plus I had warm tea for drink. My breakfast were solved and of course I was totally satisfied. A simply breakfast is enough for me. Actually, mostly we combined egg and hotdog but this time egg and bacon. This is not the typical bacon but it tasted almost the same. So I considered this as a replacement for the bacon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Digital pianos at musicians friend

Recently a friend of mine just bought a piano. I was jealous staring her new purchased musical instrument. She shows me and even she plays a song for me as a sample to her new piano. I was very amazed the sound of her piano. I can feel the sweetness of the voice while she played the music. 

The voice was so clear and loud. You don’t need other instrument because it has a complete result. The voice was so lovely. So I became interested to know more about her piano. So, she told me that I could shop at Yamaha digital pianos at musicians friend. When I came home, I look on net and I wanted to have the Yamaha portable grand piano keyboard.