Sunday, September 30, 2012

Living abroad

All I can say is that, I am happy enough to see my fellow 'kababayan's abroad' I even asked them the same question if we came from the same country. Then if he/she acknowledged as YES then it feels so good. Then started to have conversation and speaking in the same language. BUT sad to say that not all responds in a very good way. I met some that are not polite or don't even acknowledge that they are from the same country as me. Scary and I do not know why!

People are different but I cannot understand why they need to hide and they need to act like super heroes. They changed a lot. Some don't even say hi... I just replied with a smile but marked on my mind that they are not worth saying hi. So it would be the first and last hi to that person. I am very good to those who are good. It is not good to be super kind.

Well, well... I just hope that people will acknowledge and give some respect to their fellows!


  1. Some people change for good and bad. And no matter how kind you are to the others there's always negative feedback. We often say that we can not please everybody. When you act good it might not enough for them and they will talk behind your back. Let them be as long as it doens't cause any harm.

  2. Hmm well said. I think they just don't deserve it. Being good is bad for someone but being bad is bad for everyone including oneself, so be good always for everyone:)

  3. I am with you Kevin.Be good always.

  4. I just don't understand they are not good or behaving like they are not good. Anne being abroad is good and being with our kind will be best and making friends will be better:)