Saturday, September 22, 2012

For better or what?

Holla... finally it's Saturday! Been waiting for this day to come, I have to do the marathon on my online stuffs. It's been two weeks that I did not make much on updates due to some important errands to finish. Now, finally got the time to manage postings. Well, while opening my blogger home a picture of new look is IN. Hmmm... sorry to say but I don't like this new look. The old one is really easy and simple. This one now has a lot of icons on both sides, up and down. I don't have time to check them one by one as of this moment, I am busy. LOL! But really, I don't like. I don't know why they have to make this kind of look.

I took a screen shot of this new one. You can click on the picture to en-large. If you use blogger format I am pretty sure you experienced same way. Did you like it or not? Well, hope that this is an option to get back to the old one. This is just like timeline in facebook, immediately they implemented the new look. LOL.

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