Saturday, September 22, 2012

Add a Touch of Comfort With Custom Bedding and Pillows

Searching for that perfect look in your bedroom? Find exactly what you envision with custom bedding and pillows designed just for you. Bringing designer enhancements to the lightweight warmth of a child’s room is easier than ever. Enriching the silhouettes in an adult’s bedroom only takes adding romantic textures, a sense of fashion to suit your taste and a relaxed attitude. Include decorative throw shams in rich, organic fabrics, such as silk and organza, inspired by fairy tales and dreamy ball gowns, and you can take bedding accessories to new heights.
Fashion a unique look and feel with custom shams, from lumbar or oblong cushions and puff toss shams to appliqued or embroidered shams with pom-pom or fringe borders. Mix down shams in regal shapes and sizes to complete the look and softness of custom queen or king bedding. Premium bedroom pillows have an exterior thread count of at least 330, cotton or other hypoallergenic material interior and a multi-layered. Ideally, the shams or cushions are tightly woven and finished, so that the down does not escape. 

While the appearance of your pillows is an important factor in your purchasing decision, the type of pillow you choose can turn your healthy sleeping habit to a toss-and-turn travesty. Generally, the way you sleep is an indicator of the fill density needed. For example, a firm fill density is best if you sleep most of the time on your side. Experts recommend medium to firm fill density if you tend to sleep on your back. Soft fill density is advised if you sleep on your stomach in order to prevent neck strain.

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