Sunday, September 30, 2012

Living abroad

All I can say is that, I am happy enough to see my fellow 'kababayan's abroad' I even asked them the same question if we came from the same country. Then if he/she acknowledged as YES then it feels so good. Then started to have conversation and speaking in the same language. BUT sad to say that not all responds in a very good way. I met some that are not polite or don't even acknowledge that they are from the same country as me. Scary and I do not know why!

People are different but I cannot understand why they need to hide and they need to act like super heroes. They changed a lot. Some don't even say hi... I just replied with a smile but marked on my mind that they are not worth saying hi. So it would be the first and last hi to that person. I am very good to those who are good. It is not good to be super kind.

Well, well... I just hope that people will acknowledge and give some respect to their fellows!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pool lights for more life to your swiiming pool

It has been my dream to have an ambitious and luxurious swimming pool. I think it is not bad to dream, and who knows I could have one. I remember when, I took cruise to Denmark. There they have a very attractive swimming pool and spa. I can say attractive because they are using such inviting different types of pool lights. It is also very relaxing. After the fantastic experience, I began to explore more on my dream swimming pool. I also got some ideas whenever I could have one. 

The pool lights are interesting, it give more vibrant. Then, I started to surf some pool lights even if I don’t have swimming pool yet. I found at pentair led pool lights, they offer different types of pool lights and of course different of colors and sizes. This is sounds interesting. I would definitely bookmark this for my future pool lights shopping.

Off from work... Hooray!!!

Yes, what a relief! Finally got a break from work and will be back tomorrow. It is always good to have a break and can relax a bit at home, can sleep longer than usual time. Well, of course have to prepare for tomorrow as another night shift again until Thursday. Well, I was out today too for some important errands. Contented enough for what I have done for today. Anyway, have to eat dinner now. Have a nice evening everyone.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Add a Touch of Comfort With Custom Bedding and Pillows

Searching for that perfect look in your bedroom? Find exactly what you envision with custom bedding and pillows designed just for you. Bringing designer enhancements to the lightweight warmth of a child’s room is easier than ever. Enriching the silhouettes in an adult’s bedroom only takes adding romantic textures, a sense of fashion to suit your taste and a relaxed attitude. Include decorative throw shams in rich, organic fabrics, such as silk and organza, inspired by fairy tales and dreamy ball gowns, and you can take bedding accessories to new heights.
Fashion a unique look and feel with custom shams, from lumbar or oblong cushions and puff toss shams to appliqued or embroidered shams with pom-pom or fringe borders. Mix down shams in regal shapes and sizes to complete the look and softness of custom queen or king bedding. Premium bedroom pillows have an exterior thread count of at least 330, cotton or other hypoallergenic material interior and a multi-layered. Ideally, the shams or cushions are tightly woven and finished, so that the down does not escape. 

While the appearance of your pillows is an important factor in your purchasing decision, the type of pillow you choose can turn your healthy sleeping habit to a toss-and-turn travesty. Generally, the way you sleep is an indicator of the fill density needed. For example, a firm fill density is best if you sleep most of the time on your side. Experts recommend medium to firm fill density if you tend to sleep on your back. Soft fill density is advised if you sleep on your stomach in order to prevent neck strain.

For better or what?

Holla... finally it's Saturday! Been waiting for this day to come, I have to do the marathon on my online stuffs. It's been two weeks that I did not make much on updates due to some important errands to finish. Now, finally got the time to manage postings. Well, while opening my blogger home a picture of new look is IN. Hmmm... sorry to say but I don't like this new look. The old one is really easy and simple. This one now has a lot of icons on both sides, up and down. I don't have time to check them one by one as of this moment, I am busy. LOL! But really, I don't like. I don't know why they have to make this kind of look.

I took a screen shot of this new one. You can click on the picture to en-large. If you use blogger format I am pretty sure you experienced same way. Did you like it or not? Well, hope that this is an option to get back to the old one. This is just like timeline in facebook, immediately they implemented the new look. LOL.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

From Yesterday's tour

Yes, we were in a place that is so nice for walking yesterday! I did breath fresh air and relax indeed! Took some pictures while roaming around...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Boosting the Signal Strength

I am not a music expert in so many ways but it is common sense that in order for any sounds to have great effect, it still needs to be amplified to boost the strength of its signal and have a great sound quality. But despite of it, it still needs pre-amplifiers so the effect of whatever noise and interference that may occur can be minimized and cannot be heard by the ordinary ears. And that’s literally the simplest way to explain it but in reality the modern home audio system is quite complicated in the inside but a user friendly outside that even dummies can manipulate it.

Your top discount products here!

Everyone has its own needs. But the common needs are clothes from head to toe. Foods from go, grow and glow. Each one has its own unique style too. Others like to shop their needs and wants by labels or shall we say with famous brand names. While other just stick to their style by keeping simple and comfortable. Well, playing simple is not bad and its not bad too to be or being adventurous of discovering and wearing new things. It doesn’t matter at all what you like. One thing I figured out even if he/she can afford or cannot. Everyone likes discounted items. Am I right?

To know more at your favorite stuff to shop less and buy more find top discounts. Different varieties of things you can find at reasonable price. When we say varieties, you could find on food section about fruits and vegetables. You could also find more discounted items from different labels. There are clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, books and a lot more. You can choose your best stuff for a very low price. In addition, you can make sure of that it is in good quality. Not only might that shipping be free or discounted at the same time.