Thursday, August 2, 2012

August si here and where is the summer?

August is here! Time flies too fast. But where is the summer season? This is the first summer that we did not go to a swim in a lake or beach. First summer that I did not feel the real heat throughout the week. There was a day that was totally hot but only one day. So obvious, not only me but most people here are asking where is the summer?

If we should check, now is Fall. So next will be winter and it started to get colder now. It is raining whole day. As the forecast says, it will be sunny tomorrow... but will see and hope. Still, I am looking forward to have a summer vacation even though we are now in August. A big hope for that!

Well, well...I know for sure some of you are done with your summer vacay and enjoyment.. specially those from Asia.

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