Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Need to Defrag

I noticed that my computer is running very slow lately. So slow that sometimes, I don’t bother opening my favorite browser anymore to surf the Net. Of course, if this happens all the time, I could go crazy. I mean I can’t stay away from the Internet too long. I guess one of the reasons why this has been happening is I always forget to run system maintenance for my computer. I think I might have to schedule my disk defragmenter on a regular basis to help keep my computer running quickly and efficiently. I do know for a fact that it’s a proven way to make computers faster.

Feeling Having A Slight Fever!

I feel like I have a slight fever now. I want to sleep, my head doesn't function well and my heart is weak. This is what I feel right now, don't know what's wrong with me. I feel weak and dizzy :-(. My eyes are so tired or maybe because I feel like I have a fever that is why my eyes are like this maybe.

I just hope to feel better tomorrow because I have a very important appointment in the morning. This is not a good sign either.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rebuilding Your Life – Find a New Hobby

After a divorce, people find it hard to get their lives back on track. They seem to forget the importance of moving on, which is one of the most vital steps when it comes to rebuilding one’s life after divorce. You will be out of it for a while, but you will find that you can rebuild yourself and learn from your mistakes. It is hard to part from someone who once was a part of who you where, but you will find that you can move on and find new things in your life to bring you joy and happiness. You can find a new hobby at your church, within your community, or within your home. Some even discovered that solving easy jigsaw puzzles was enough to help them through a nasty divorce. The point is, you can try anything that you can shift your attention to, and it will be a great thing. It will be because you will be able to let go of all the hurt and pain and focus on something positive.

Birthday Special!

I bought a card yesterday! My friend will have her birthday next week and bought a pair of earrings too! I know for sure she will gonna like this `hope..hope` very simple but of course heartily given. Happy birthday friend, have a wonderful day of celebration!

On Bathtubs and Stress Relief

I love taking baths. Personally speaking, bathing is one of my stress relievers. When I feel on the verge of breaking down, I set up my bath and use soothing bath foam. Then, I just lose myself in the water even for a while. After the bath, I usually feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Therefore, you can just imagine my joy when I saw the picture of a pedestal bathtub online. I just knew I had to buy one for myself. Now, all I have to do is convince my hubby that we need a new bathtub. Soaking myself in a bathtub after my daily rounds of walking would surely relive me of aches, pains, and stress.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Time to renew one domain and need to find promo-code to lessen the fee. Where should I get that code. Or else will let it expired.. sadness! Well, anyway will try to find one until the next day, crossing my finger to renew before it expires.

Well, well... finally Friday comes and will try to get a good sleep. I am so pissed with my allergy again. It's been too hot for the past days and I have allergy to that. If I have to exposed my skin to the heavy sun then it will became red and itchy. I really hate it. Don't know what will be the solution. I just let it and 3 days it will gone. Just annoying a bit.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Be Active and Healthy

Arthritis is one of the signs of ageing a person experience whenever she/he reaches the age of 50 above. Although it’s quite common to elderly, still getting rid of it is the best thing to do. Hence, going to a specific doctor like arthritis doctor Waipahu Hi and ask for a medicine or perhaps an advice on how to be free from it. Since only arthritis doctor Waipahu Hi is expert of this, thus you should consider of visiting them. So, if you have been feeling this thing better go and get rid of it as early as now.

Taken During Our Tour In The Forest

Walking is the best healthy exercise. It's free and feel no worries while seeing the great nature that surrounds. Anyway, while we did our tour week ago I had my mobile phone with me. So then what to do? Is to take pictures and here are some of my favorite shots while walking. See how amazing the world is... Love my own.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Well Ventilated Backpacks

If you are planning of going out for a country side trekking anytime soon then a gregory backpack is a must have for outdoor lovers. There’s nothing more ideal than this backpack for a comfortable hiking in hot and humid weather. It has been the first choice of many because of its ventilated design that gives your back enough space from the pack so it keeps you cool and dry. Even a mid-sized backpack has good amount of storage and pockets that will allow you to easily arrange your stuff. And the new designs will give you more comfort as it effectively transfer the load off your back and onto your hips.

Filipina Won Php 700,000.00?

A friend of mine told me that her friend won in lotto last week and it's quite more than a half million. What a lucky day for her! I am not really lucky for this kind of game. There are some individual that are lucky for lottery but not me at all! Anyway, her friend did not expect for any lotto winning but she already had that number years ago. She maintained it every week. So good for her that finally she hits the winning numbers.

This money is big enough. She can keep this and much know how and what to do!

Home teater bring it on!

What do you think is the best part in the house? For me, living room is the best part in the house. When I have guests living room is the first place I can offer for them to sit and relax. What would be the appliances found in living room? There might be stereo, TV and other stuff. However, TV is not in the proper position. I do have a nice and big TV screen home but it needed a right place. I’m thinking to place it on the wall and I needed flat mount to make me more comfortable in watching at anytime.

Hiring Private Plane

My dear friend had a bad luck when they are about to travel back here. The weather did not cooperate. From Bohol all flights were cancelled, in short no flights due to the storm. She was worried then. The only thing she can do is to hire a private plane and finally it goes fine until Cebu. Then Cebu to Manila was with ordinary plane. That was their first time to flew with private plane and it was a bit scary as she said. But thanks GOD everything went fine and now they are back here. This is the private plane they hired. I am linking this to BPC #216/366.

From bottles to barrels

I am not fun of drinking wine but we do have many wine collections at home. Every December we received bottles as a presents from different countries. Well, at least twenty to thirty bottles of different types of red and white wine. My companion told me that the older the wine stored is the better taste. Yet I did not know about it. Although I do not drink wine so often but it is useful in cooking. Since, we have plenty of bottle collections and we like to collect so I am thinking to have wine barrels as a part of our collection.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August si here and where is the summer?

August is here! Time flies too fast. But where is the summer season? This is the first summer that we did not go to a swim in a lake or beach. First summer that I did not feel the real heat throughout the week. There was a day that was totally hot but only one day. So obvious, not only me but most people here are asking where is the summer?

If we should check, now is Fall. So next will be winter and it started to get colder now. It is raining whole day. As the forecast says, it will be sunny tomorrow... but will see and hope. Still, I am looking forward to have a summer vacation even though we are now in August. A big hope for that!

Well, well...I know for sure some of you are done with your summer vacay and enjoyment.. specially those from Asia.