Thursday, July 12, 2012

Western Union Hot Spot

We all know that sending money through families, friends abroad can be done through western union. This is the most well-known way to send money. Safe, fast and easy! My friend use to send money using WU and so far no problem at all. But the only complaint that I usually most heard from friends is the fees, they all said that WU has higher fees than those other competitors! Well, I still did not tried sending money through Western Union so I cannot say this and that about them. For me as long as the money is safe I am willing to pay the fees but of course if you have other option you can have your own choice.

Anybody here got problems in sending through western union? Is western union gives best service to you? Just a thought, I am checking online about them too just to be familiarize with their services. I got a gold card from them but still did not registered, I do not know how it will works. So will see what information I can get!

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