Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comments Help In Lowering Your Alexa

Are you active in commenting? It's been months now that I am wondering how to lower my alexa. I read along that if you are active in commenting it will really help your site. I tried and joined in a group! I want to really know if it will works. Here in my page 3 weeks ago the alexa is more than 3M after a week of participating in commenting it lower to 1.2M imagine how commenting helps? It is really proven and tested folks. I am so glad that I did it.

Visiting some other pages is good! It really help you in alexa specially. So if you are participating any commenting procedures you will surely get the best results if you want to lower your alexa. This is highly recommended. Make sure to visit a page leave a comment and invite them to reciprocate your message. Helping one another makes a project successful. Join now... leave your comments here and will get back to you at once. I will really try.

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