Friday, July 27, 2012

Careful in listening!

It is not easy to mingled with the same race. If you are living abroad a lot of gossips that you must be very careful to the person whom you are sharing your life because they might attack you at your back. You know what I mean! So for me, I don't much do open talks to some pinay's here! Just today a friend of mine experienced this thing and she was so disappointed. Sad to hear but this the reality. She told me that it is hard to trust people around specially if you are from the same country origin.

She told me that she will gonna limit her moves and friendship towards others. I understand her! People are different so careful. On her FB account she posted this message.

"LESSONS LEARNED this week...if you are looking for trouble, here is the main ingredient..mingle with people whose mental apptitude didn't reach beyond his/her neighbor's backyard...insecurity & jelousy, false statement with deliberate intent to deceive which lead to chaos, misunderstanding, conflicts & confusion of minds...learn from me...I'm the living proof."" This message is from friend facebook just want to share here!

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