Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cheap Labor Cost

One of my online friends had a problem with his laptop a few months ago and it crippled his online presence for several days. There was a problem on the LCD that it keeps on flickering to a point that he could no longer see what’s on the monitor. Although he was able to find a cheap technician who fix it but her wife was already bothering him to just buy a new pc tablet. And if he wasn’t able to find that technician then they are planning of buying a new one instead because of the high cost of the repair since it is no longer covered by the warranty.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Careful in listening!

It is not easy to mingled with the same race. If you are living abroad a lot of gossips that you must be very careful to the person whom you are sharing your life because they might attack you at your back. You know what I mean! So for me, I don't much do open talks to some pinay's here! Just today a friend of mine experienced this thing and she was so disappointed. Sad to hear but this the reality. She told me that it is hard to trust people around specially if you are from the same country origin.

She told me that she will gonna limit her moves and friendship towards others. I understand her! People are different so careful. On her FB account she posted this message.

"LESSONS LEARNED this week...if you are looking for trouble, here is the main ingredient..mingle with people whose mental apptitude didn't reach beyond his/her neighbor's backyard...insecurity & jelousy, false statement with deliberate intent to deceive which lead to chaos, misunderstanding, conflicts & confusion of minds...learn from me...I'm the living proof."" This message is from friend facebook just want to share here!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Simple Alternative to Bank Loan

Starting up your own business could be a headache if you don’t have enough funds to support the daily expenses. What’s more frustrating is the fact that most banks would instantly reject your loan application if you cannot put up collateral and or an excellent credit history. There are only a few unsecured business loans Miami that will provide you with funds so you could startup your business off the ground. And looking for one is probably more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. You are fortunate to find a reputable lender nowadays, so check out unsecured business loans Miami if it is the one that you are looking.

Chocolates Anyone?

Got a chance to buy some chocolates when I was in Sweden. Prices are totally cheaper than here. It is not that big difference but still lower if you will compare. I bought different types and brand. Until now, I still have a bundle of chocolates in our cabinet. I need not to eat much at the same time to avoid tonsils. Eating too much sweets is not good at all for your health. Just take it slowly, have chocolates once in awhile. Or every weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Very Clever Move

It was just so recently that a well known and popular actor got a surprise divorce from his wife through a telephone call while he is filming a movie overseas. Whatever their reasons may be in the break up yet having a reputed divorce lawyer Palm Beach County is necessary in times like this when there’s so much at stake to dwell on. The wife is so lucky that she was able to get the sole custody of her daughter and the decision for her upbringing. Perhaps she must have hired an expert or could be a very experienced divorce lawyer Palm Beach County.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comments Help In Lowering Your Alexa

Are you active in commenting? It's been months now that I am wondering how to lower my alexa. I read along that if you are active in commenting it will really help your site. I tried and joined in a group! I want to really know if it will works. Here in my page 3 weeks ago the alexa is more than 3M after a week of participating in commenting it lower to 1.2M imagine how commenting helps? It is really proven and tested folks. I am so glad that I did it.

Visiting some other pages is good! It really help you in alexa specially. So if you are participating any commenting procedures you will surely get the best results if you want to lower your alexa. This is highly recommended. Make sure to visit a page leave a comment and invite them to reciprocate your message. Helping one another makes a project successful. Join now... leave your comments here and will get back to you at once. I will really try.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In your difficulties loans help

It’s been such a long time since I heard of my friend who lives in Texas. According to her Facebook update they are facing financial difficulties as of the moment. It’s not good to read about this problem! I sent her private message and giving out the link for title loans Texas. I told her to inquire and this might help them to solve in whatever financial crisis they are into! Just hope that it’s not serious at all.

Well title loans Texas offer title loans for those car owners who want to have cash help! So this can be a solution not just for my friend but for all who needed so.

How To Start A Business ' just a thought'

Are you a business minded? It is always good to think of business specially if you have time to manage and of course to choose the right one for you. I admit that sometimes it pop-up into my mind to do a business but I am pretty sure it is not easy. You must be tough enough to lose or to win in that battle. Having business is putting up ½ of yourselves at risk. I have some friends around who has established business for quite sometime and suddenly closed. You will never know what will be the next in life. So then, as they said: You will never know until you have tried it on. So the key, be brave, face the reality and set your mind to accept for the results in the future.

Well, this is just my thoughts for the day! Thinking of having small business even though I do not know where to get the capital if ever. Just a matter of choice, matter of thinking and looking for further positive vibes in the future to come. Well, anybody here, has it’s own business? How does it works? How did you manage to maintain it? Anyway, I’d rather have to stop here now.

Just hoping for anyone who is running business now no matter what it is. Love it and take care of it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Your wish is their command

Getting loans from bank is difficult. You need a lot of papers to support. The bank will make sure that can you able to pay the charges every month. So it requires a lot of work before you can have money. But car title loans Melbourne is ready to help you anytime.

If you have a car you can put it into car title loan and the car title loans Melbourne offer this kind of help for those individual who wants to get easy and fast loan.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outdoor Activities with Friends and Colleagues

Celebrating family day or perhaps a small gathering with friends and colleagues in work every weekend is the best idea everyone can come up with. There are lots of ways on how to celebrate it, it’s either go to the beach or if not just make a small get together in one of your co-workers place. Like having a dinner or probably, do some activities and have barbecue party instead. Well, it made easier nowadays because of simplified grille which can be used for outdoor grilling. It is indeed perfect for getaways too.

You can have it wherever you want, whatever getaways your friends and co-workers come up with since this kind of stuff can be bought easily unlike those we usually have before. Aside from barbecue party, you can try out grilling other foods instead which is perfect in different types of occasions- the easiest and convenient way of cooking fresh food in parties and getaways. Grilling is perfect for intimate companies and even to families’ alone too.

But after all, that depends on the group on what they like to do in their free day. As long as they do enjoy it, then let the good time rolls and the fun lasts.

Western Union Hot Spot

We all know that sending money through families, friends abroad can be done through western union. This is the most well-known way to send money. Safe, fast and easy! My friend use to send money using WU and so far no problem at all. But the only complaint that I usually most heard from friends is the fees, they all said that WU has higher fees than those other competitors! Well, I still did not tried sending money through Western Union so I cannot say this and that about them. For me as long as the money is safe I am willing to pay the fees but of course if you have other option you can have your own choice.

Anybody here got problems in sending through western union? Is western union gives best service to you? Just a thought, I am checking online about them too just to be familiarize with their services. I got a gold card from them but still did not registered, I do not know how it will works. So will see what information I can get!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Fun All Day Long

Summer is here and what to do? Of course will be outdoor enjoy the sun, do gardening, tanning and going to the beach is the most exciting one or travel! It is so relaxing to be out and lay on a wooden steamer chair outside. Feel the summer wind and think of things that will makes you relax!

If you are planning to buy a new wooden chairs then I can suggest check out wooden steamer chairs at they’ve got it all. Avail free shipping and find the design that you love most. You can bring those chairs in the beach and or at home outdoor. Looks very cool, simple yet elegant.

Invest in real estate

Despite of economy crisis now, still many individuals are willing to invest for a property. If I can just have enough money, I will not hesitate to find one. Buying property is the best investment you can have. So if you are looking for one, southport nc real estate listings is where you can surely find. A place where you can consider to live to the rest of your life.

And you know guys, southport NC homes are surrounded by amazing list of recreational opportunities to include: fishing , boating , golf, beach going, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, sailing, tennis etc. Name it and you can have it! Invest now!

Been in Asian Store

Yesterday me and my friend were at Asian Store! She invited me to buy some fruits and vegetable. Without any hesitation, I go with her and her husband drives as there. Indeed a lot of vegetables and other items from Asia. I was so overwhelmed and just get a lot of items on my basket. The results , I paid too much beyond my budget! LOL.. No regrets because I love and missed a lot of stuff from Asia. I bought fruits, vegetable, noodles, rice and chips. They drove me back home too. What a kind friend right? Thanks to her and now I have stocks of food in our cabinet.

A shelves for your items

Out of nowhere, sometimes I am thinking of having a small business in town. A business that involves medicine, foods and school supplies. A small dream that a simple woman like me is dreaming of. I know having and starting your own business is not easy! A lot of things to prepare. Well, while surfing tonight my plans become more stronger then before! I saw some shelves that really good for stocks. I stumbled Pharmacy Fixtures that truly needed if I will pursue my dream store. It is very important to have proper shelves, specially if your dealing with medicines.

A shelves can help identify each item properly. Your daily inventory will be more easier and of course all displays will be arrange properly!

Is smoking really dangerous?

I’ve been asking smokers many times if smoking really helps! Guess what? They all have the same answer, ‘try it’ and then you will know! Sorry I don’t smoke and it did not came into my mind to try it either. My dad’s smoke a lot and I always reminded him to stop but he cannot, he said it is difficult! Well, persons are different. Smokers are all over the world, if happen that you smoke and looking for cigars try cohiba cigars , I just found this kind online while surfing. A friend of mine posted in her blog about this as she used to smoke until now! If you like to try check it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why I love pinoy foods?

Pinoy are known to enjoy the average three meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner plus desserts or “merienda” as most Filipino call it, two times a day during morning at around 10 am and in the afternoon at 3 pm, that seem to be the trade mark of being a Filipino . Filipino are said to be creative, they want to make up almost anything into something new, creative yet but not expensive, including food. People of other countries may prefer dining and eating pizzas when hunger pangs strikes. Just like other countries also Filipino are more fun in eating streets foods that cost a few pesos. Everywhere here in the Philippines you see people crowding in the streets because of the food that only the Philippines have, some of this food are fish ball, kwek kwek,kikiam, and pi’noy and also the different delicious taste of street barbeques.

And at night, just expect that somebody would shout balut! Balut! It is a fertilized duck or chicken egg with a nearly developed embryo inside, boiled and eaten in its shells. Balut is rich in protein, hearty snack and believed to be an aphrodisiac. This chicken egg can be bought usually from balut vendors who roam around the city at night. I love balut it is more delicious when you put spicy vinegar (with onions and siling labuyo) and a little bit salt, yummy!