Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pinay in other country

Sad thing to know that there are lots of humors about Filipina's here! Most of them are competing to each other. They want to be the number one in everything, showing pride and acting like a super woman. You know what I mean!

It is just sad to know that their are people who are really like that. They like they win a lotto and forgot everything from where they came from! So, I don't much make friends with those people that are called 'user'. My uncle is right, he reminded me to be very careful because as he said, once you are in other country, you must be very careful with your co-kabayan! They will make gossip that is out of your control. He had been as OFW before so he knows very well.

So far, glad enough that I did not mingled to those individual who are selfish and with ego. Well, must be careful!

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