Monday, May 28, 2012

Checking Flights Fare!

My dear sister will be back to Manila soon. Got a message from my other sister that they are now busy checking up promo's for plane! I just hope that they can find one that is affordable. I will try to check here too, but I am a bit occupied with my online matters!

Anyway, hoping that they can book one for my sister! She needed to go back to Manila to check some papers for her schooling. She just recently graduated from college and the next step is to find work or maybe she will go to board exam. Don't know yet her final plans.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Looking Forward On Their Anniversary

By this coming June 16, I and my partner are both invited to a wedding anniversary party. My friend and her husband will celebrates their 4th year of being a couple. One of the highlight will be a disco party after dinner and they are looking for outdoor wireless speakers to be use on that event. Outdoor wireless speakers eliminate messes around. No more cable, wiring connection. Plus they are more visually attractive and potentially safer.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


All I can say! I missed this Lechon... a very common way to celebrate fiesta way back home. Last week they celebrated it and have fun with disco and of course food. Lechon is one of the highlight.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Miami is a place to be

By the end of May my friend will travel to Miami Florida to visit her dad. She and her husband will stay there for a month or so. Aside from visitation they will also check for a place where to invest their money. The want to buy a property and plan to build a house there. Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate is their help to find one for them. A real state in Miami that truly has everything to offer.

Miami Beach Luxury Real Estate is just within your reach. So for my friend, I am pretty sure that they can invest their money properly. I am actually excited for their upcoming trip and of course to know their investment as well.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Accident's Legal Attention

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Rice No Matter What!

Funny but it's true. Travelling is fun but must have rice. One day without rice, I felt so weak LOL.. I am really addicted to rice. So when we we're in Copenhagen, I bought a box of rice and bring it back to the cabin and ate it for dinner time. I felt alive again..

So then, it is always better to have rice. I cannot find any rice on the ship, so I immediately craving for my rice. Well, I know for sure if you are a certified Filipina you will not forgot rice ever.

Traffic Violation | Must Follow The Rules

One of my dear friend is now finally a certified lawyer. She's so lucky at the end she passed the board exam and now a newly attorney in town. So while checking on her pictures during the recognition I read along about Attorney of Law Mr. Douglas J. Rudman and in his profile it is so amazing. He is expert in many cases it includes: suffering from drug, alcohol and/or dual diagnosis disorders and a lawyer for traffic ticket lawyer Boca Raton. His expertise shows that he is capable in solving your case in due time.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer Boca Raton offer free consultation and willing to help your case. So if you are caught and get some problem for traffic rules and other significant cases contact him.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Green Technology

Every now and then, I have read news about the automobile industry’s initiative to be part in the improvement of green technology. The good thing about new generation automobile is that they are manufactured as green technology to at least lessen its impact, if not totally eliminate, in the greenhouse emission. I’m sure they are fitted with K&N oxygen sensor and for sure it has something to do with the emission control and exhaust. But to be honest, I am not quite very sure of its function yet it must be something about air to fuel ratio during the fuel injection process.

Pinay in other country

Sad thing to know that there are lots of humors about Filipina's here! Most of them are competing to each other. They want to be the number one in everything, showing pride and acting like a super woman. You know what I mean!

It is just sad to know that their are people who are really like that. They like they win a lotto and forgot everything from where they came from! So, I don't much make friends with those people that are called 'user'. My uncle is right, he reminded me to be very careful because as he said, once you are in other country, you must be very careful with your co-kabayan! They will make gossip that is out of your control. He had been as OFW before so he knows very well.

So far, glad enough that I did not mingled to those individual who are selfish and with ego. Well, must be careful!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free From Worries

Last year 2011, a blogger friend of mine who is currently living in Texas together with her husband got an accident with her car. It was not very serious but she got injured then. The most sad thing is that she is a victim of hit and run. Until now she is still checking for the legal process for this case, I told her to contact Personal Injury lawyer Jacksonville to get proper help and she is happy enough that her husband will do the follow-ups too!

Personal Injury lawyer Jacksonville has attorneys that deal with personal injury cases. You case will not be astray for sure. Just check them out!

Comfort and relief form aches use chair pads

Do you want to sit on a bench that will make you comfortable yet stylish? Chair Pads has it all. If you are sitting with extended time for hours and hours, you might be needing comfortable chair pads that will give you comfort and relief form aches and pains of that stiff. With colourful designs and variety of styles to choose from, you can pick almost everything, it will make sure that the time you will take seat again, it will be a relaxing one and comfortable as well. So make up your mind, you will be needing this I’m sure, just take a seat.

Short Sweden Trip

Just last week we were in Sweden. My first time to visit there. It was a perfect trip with a marvelous weather. At our first stop we were in Maxi Store that sells a lot of chocolates and candies. My first time to see a very huge Toblerone. LOL.. It is 2 kg. and I cannot imagine how could that be serve. I bought some but in small packages. Anyway, here is the picture.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Looking for Long-Lasting Batteries

I am getting frustrated because I change the batteries in my alarm clock at least three times a month. I don’t know how much I’ve spent just on batteries alone. I don’t even want to think about it. I want to be able to find batteries that really last long. A friend of mine told me that maybe I should try saft lithium batteries, which may be used for electronics and other battery-operated gadgets. She said these batteries last about 3-20 years, and this made me want to try the batteries out even more. I just need to ask my friend where she buys her stash so I can buy several, too.