Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Passing Exams, done in schooling

I finally got my exam results last Friday! Finally I am done with my language schooling. The feeling was totally refreshing. I can almost cannot believe that in a short period of time I passed all major exams until to the last level-up. I am proud of myself and thankful for those helpful people : teachers, friends and my family of course that finally I came to the point of fulfillment!

Learning new language is not easy at all. This is my first time to learn language which is called Bokmal, an official language here in Norway. The challenged starts when I started my 1st day in school and that was August 2010. I remembered how nervous I was. The feeling was so uncomfortable and uneasy but by the help of GOD everything went smooth and I did it finally.

So last January I took the last level exam and last Friday I got it all and I passed it! There were thousands of examinees and I am one of those who enjoyed and satisfied with the results.

So yesterday was my last day in school and the next step, I don't know yet! Will see...

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