Saturday, March 31, 2012

Victimized of injustice acts? Call the expert to help you!

Does anyone of your friends or neighbors haven been victimized of injustice acts? How do they cope up with this situation? Would you allow this kind of act to reign? Who would want to?

Of course, no one! So if you have care to those who are victims and to those will be victimized soon, then make a move. Refer Criminal Lawyer Torrance to this kind of situation. They help each individual who are having a problem with criminal charges and those who are obviously being accused of wrongdoings. Let’s make a change, let’s start a new peaceful and fair justice to everyone!

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Remembrance From California

Last May 2010 . I was so gald that people around the corner really shows love and cares. I got so much of blessings from different close friends and family.

One of my blogger friend sent me a wonderful card and earrings from U.S.A. I cannot imagine and I did not expect. At first she told me she send card and when it came it is more than a card. Lola, I am so thankful and blessed!

Your card message is very nice and I will kept it for life. This is a late noticed and posting because I am a bit busy from the past days.

To cacai, from the bottom of my heart thank you very much!

Face the world and stand for justice

What if you encounter things such as facing the court? How would you do? Well, that depends after all but what if, you are being accused of criminal charges? Who would you call? If in that instances happens to you then better ask DUI Lawyer Los Angeles . They help you to solve all your problems and aside from that they will help you as well on what is the best thing to do.

They provide information that you needed to know and aside from that they keep you updated on what progress happening to your case. With them, all your worries will lessen as they will make sure that all their best to save you will be applied.

The Law Office of Gabriel Dorman
10940 Wilshire Boulevard #1600
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 666-4252 ‎

Happy birthday Jian!

My cute cousin Jian celebrates his birthday yesterday! Wishing you the best Jian. Have a wonderful day! Happy birthday my dear cute cousin!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Be Different

Many people would want to belong to something, whether it is a group, an idea or a common goal. They are the ones who care so much to be "in" and fear to be out of place. There are also those who do not care what other people will say.

Not that it's always good or bad but as long as you do not hurt other people then becoming different is not a problem at all. That is called being unique. It can mean that you can do anything about your wedding as long as it preserves the sanctity. Having silver rings instead of the usual gold rings, is absolutely fine.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For her birthday a customize T-shirt!

Do you know guys where I am hanging this time? I am currently checking custom t-shirts. I find them cool and affordable. My friend will celebrate her birthday soon and I am planning to buy her customize shirt! She is a kind of funky girl! I mean she loves fashion and unique styles of stuffs. So maybe a shirt will fits her! It is hard to buy something that can be found in the mall, it seems like she has already it all! So I want to surprise her with a unique one.

I am actually planning to put her picture on a shirt! This will be fun and I am excited to order it via online. I want to deliver it directly to her! This is a complete surprise package! For you who wants customize shirts you can do it too! Easy promise!

Contract Extended!

I am happy to know that my contract at work is extended for another months. This is a blessing and while I am at that work, I will have to find other alternative job that is regular one! So, blessings comes along the way that you never expected!

Thanks to my boss for giving me more chance to show what I can do! So for today, got that news from the office. Happy mode!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The wedding day

As far as I can recall, the day when I got married was the most unforgettable day in my life. The day itself brings a lot of new things in my life. I may not be the perfect bride but for myself that was the day when my life finally found one whom I will be forever grateful.

The preparation was simple but of course by the help of my families and friends around! Finding my wedding dress was the highlight. Everything I want is simple one. It is not easy to find and choose the best one. There is a lot of offers both online and in boutique. I tried everything I could to find gown that I like!

Most of the time, I was online checking out wedding dresses , checking pricing and designs! At the end I ended up ordering it from a friend who is specialist in wedding gowns. But I got the idea and styles online.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best Iinvestment Advice

A friend couple got married last year but they have been one for five long years. They lived in different states but now they are in one place. After marriage, they thought of investing into realty business but due to the crisis, they kept their savings intact in the bank. One day the husband read about Property Management Fort Lauderdale that she convinced her wife to check it out. They called up the realty office and the realtors set an appointment to meet up with them.

I have not heard from my friend again, but I am sure they have already made the deal because the last time we talked on the phone, both are so excited about the opportunity.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pinoy Foodies | Blog Photo Challenge #78

Taken last year, when a friend of mine had her birthday celebration! As requested pinoy food must be in the table.. So let's eat and enjoy... KINAMOT!!!

To join this Blog Photo Challenge visit this beautiful blog THE VELVET DREAMS by Dhemz.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Waste bin that make composting easy and efficient

Looking for a waste bin that make composting easy and efficient? Check the worm factory make it easy for you. They got it all here from bins, tumblers, worm composters, kitchen composters and even tips they have it also. From their wide range of selections you can choose the ideal composting material for you, with their great deals and offers and their super sale on seleceted items for sure it will value your money everytime you spend.

They design their product according to you needs, all unique designs and space saving too, like their stackable and multi-tray designs. You can contact them for any sales assistance and they will attend to your inquiries you have in mind. Visit the site and there are some helpful information that will provide an easy look up on composting that will help you on buying. Shop here and help our nature, recycle and compost your waste!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brand name scrubs at great discount prices

If it happens that you are in need of nurses uniform then you are in the right place now. I found a page where nurses uniform are available. I check on the page too even though I am not in need just a bit curious about their designs. You know what? They are cool and nice! Uniforms are for both men and women. Different colors, sizes , and prices are affordable and for sure enough for your budget!

The page looks so friendly and very easy to navigate! Pretty sure everything will be alright when you order uniforms from there! Calling nurses and other medical related works , if you need uniforms just check out the page!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Passing Exams, done in schooling

I finally got my exam results last Friday! Finally I am done with my language schooling. The feeling was totally refreshing. I can almost cannot believe that in a short period of time I passed all major exams until to the last level-up. I am proud of myself and thankful for those helpful people : teachers, friends and my family of course that finally I came to the point of fulfillment!

Learning new language is not easy at all. This is my first time to learn language which is called Bokmal, an official language here in Norway. The challenged starts when I started my 1st day in school and that was August 2010. I remembered how nervous I was. The feeling was so uncomfortable and uneasy but by the help of GOD everything went smooth and I did it finally.

So last January I took the last level exam and last Friday I got it all and I passed it! There were thousands of examinees and I am one of those who enjoyed and satisfied with the results.

So yesterday was my last day in school and the next step, I don't know yet! Will see...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I would like to avail the free shipping code offers

I am now currently checking out online for a possible new gadget. My birthday is coming soon by May. I want to pamper myself a thing that I've been wanting for so long. Last Christmas I did not buy something special for myself just because I am thinking to have it on my birthday. I am still not sure if my budget will be good enough to have an IPAD2. Actually there are lots of option for tablets not only IPAD2. Another option is to have Samsung galaxy. Hmmm.. this is really a wish right?

To avail these gadgets I am checking out at walmart or in other online stores. Some of my friends recommended other tablet brands but still I am considering this two. The whole Saturday, when I started to work on computer I found some good deals at They offer free shipping code and discounts for a lots of particular stores like walmart, bath and body works, perfume emporium, and more. Shipping cost a lot so this offer fits well. I am busy checking out in every store to avail free shipping and get the discounts that they offer in each item you buy. So lucky me, to find this page today!