Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yoyo for My Godson

I couldn’t think of ideal gifts for some of my godsons last Christmas, so I figured that maybe I should give them something they probably never have played with before. You know how kids these days are so tech-savvy? All you can see children playing nowadays are PSPs, Nintendo DSIs, iPads, and Wiis.

Hence, I decided to give my one of my godsons a loop 900 yoyo factory, the next generation of yoyos. He wasn’t quite sure how to enjoy it, but after his dad showed him cool yoyo tricks, he began to have fun with it. I must say he was a fast learner, because before I left their home, he was already playing some yoyo tricks on his own.


  1. Yes you are right. Now a days children are becoming tech savvy.Definitely Yoyo will be perfect for children to learn faster. Could you post some pictures of Yoyo?

  2. smart. Yes... kids these days are too involved with technology. This would definitely be different... and more healthy!