Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unique ring bases and jewelry findings

Ring findings are mostly found with either a closed or open emotionally involved ring. Gold filled crimp beads: most jewellery makers encompass a strong penchant for gold-filled crimp beds and crimp covers. The small and hollow crimp beads are effectively used for the reason of separating other beads or to complete off the ends of jewellery items. This is a great selection when it comes to securing clasps. Gold filled bead caps: these gold-filled bead caps often come in the form of flowers. Even economical beads look genuinely fashionable and elegant when fitted with the gold-filled bead caps. They are commonly used for attractive functions, but also help to maintain two beads away from getting rubbed together. Or else, due to even rubbing the beads tend to deteriorate.

Most of those ring findings are offered in a variety of shapes like round, oval, square and so on. These beading ring can be used to beautify other jewelry and also the beading ring them self can also be united together to be a necklace or armlet.

To The Max!

A bit tired today! Work and school overloaded! But thankful for the nice words received from work it lighten up my day! In school, loaded with preparation for my next week exam. HAY! But thanks GOD for the strength, provision and guidance!

Before I sleep tonight I will leave you this quote: ''Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks. – Johann Gottfried Von Herder''

Shure SM58 Mic| Shure Americas | SM58 Vocal Microphone

The shure sm58 is almost certainly the most witnessed and use microphone on the planet. If you are recording a vocalist in a live environment this is usually the number one microphone to use. It's a dynamic mic with a somewhat low output and a premeditated presence climax in the upper mid range for the ideal vocal sound. They are quite inexpensive and roughly bullet proof so in a execution context they work enormous. This is as well supported by an internal shock mount to lessen handling noise.

Known also as the world's most well-liked vocal mics, found on stages and in studios across the globe. Tuned to emphasize the affection and quality of lead and back-up vocals, it's persistently the pioneer choice of live performers. It's also an helpful device in the studio.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yoyo for My Godson

I couldn’t think of ideal gifts for some of my godsons last Christmas, so I figured that maybe I should give them something they probably never have played with before. You know how kids these days are so tech-savvy? All you can see children playing nowadays are PSPs, Nintendo DSIs, iPads, and Wiis.

Hence, I decided to give my one of my godsons a loop 900 yoyo factory, the next generation of yoyos. He wasn’t quite sure how to enjoy it, but after his dad showed him cool yoyo tricks, he began to have fun with it. I must say he was a fast learner, because before I left their home, he was already playing some yoyo tricks on his own.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4/366 Day Blog Photo Challenge | My Sis LV

Just sharing a picture of my sister. She looks so crazy! *MAHANGIN BA SA LABAS*? Look at her hair. This was taken 3 days ago, meaning New year! LOL! She told me that she did not able to comb her hair because of nothing...crazy like her ate! And my other sister at her back busy at the karaoke mode.

To join this Photo Challenge visit our host for this month Ms. Demcy!