Saturday, December 3, 2011

Durable and Eco Friendly Compost Bins

By January 2012 my friend will transfer to their new home sweet home! Finally they purchased a house which is nice and affordable! Soon she will be having her second baby soon so the couples decided to find a new home. She showed me picture and indeed perfect! The only thing that she is worried about is the backyard. The lot space is not that big, so she cannot have garden because it is just good for garage! She loves gardening but then no space for that.

Well, aside from that she is also looking for best composter that fits to their cute space outside. It is very important to have a good composter! Keep clean the surrounding and garbage must be in good and safe composter. I am pretty sure she can find one! I told her also to check online. I am looking forward to visit her by January and to see their new home!

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  1. my MIL has her own compost bin, pwedi sd maghimu ta sa kaang tsang hehehhee