Saturday, November 5, 2011

She's Into Baby Modeling

Are you a mom? Do you have kids? One day, I wish I could have one. If given a chance and a blessings from GOD, I wish and I want to have a baby girl. I want to teach her how to be a model. I remember one of my cousin Anniah loves to be like a model. My aunt recently told me that Anniah love to pose and love to be photograph. I can really see in her facebook pictures. She is so adorable little girl and no wonder if one day I can see her in television or a model one. I told my aunt to teach Anniah more and if possible let her go to modeling school.

Aside from that I told my aunt that baby modeling can be very easy if the parents allowed their child to be a model. I mean the support from the parent is very important. I read an articles about baby modeling online tonight. It gives me real impression on how to develop your child to be a future model.

Here she is my cousin Anniah. Our future family model!

1 comment:

  1. Nice cute little child. May god bless her to become a model and make her to come in television.
    My wish is always there.