Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Am Looking For Invitation Card For A Baby

Every woman dream to have their own family and have a child. I am one of those, I know one day GOD will bless me with what I am wishing for. Last week I was with a friend who celebrated a baby shower and it was fun and I gave a cute jacket for the coming baby boy. She is expecting to give birth by next month. Chatting with some of the guest while was there gives much fun , all guests are moms with their kids.

One mom is asking me a favor to make an invitation card for her baby who will soon celebrate birthday. I did not promise but I can try I said. I am busy too so don't know if I can find time for making. Baby Invitations are not that hard but need time to design and find the styles. So , for tonight I tried surfing at I can maybe recommend her to order online , she still have enough time to order. They have fabulous style and designs and can be customized too. So this is perfect!


  1. you will have your own precious child tsang in god time, karon siguro kaingon ang lord nga you are still busy preparing for your future and career mao wala pa hatagi hehe

  2. cutee jacket..
    hope you will get all what you want!
    God Bless u!