Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marmot Jacket | Wonderful Marmot Jackets

I can’ believe that winter is almost here and I am not yet ready for another cold season this year. Since I am planning to do some snowboarding this year or skiing I will need to purchase a reliable jacket that I can wear while doing these winter activities outside. I am glad that I found a website called which offers wonderful brands of jackets including marmot which is known for their quality of materials and affordable prices. Try this out today!

I Almost Cannot Breath

I have a cold now. My nose is acting so bad, my head is aching. I cannot almost breath. It is so hard to get sick. I want to buy medicine but as long as I can still bear I will not. Medicine is not good for the body. Winter is coming soon , so this is why I am having cold and maybe soon cough. A lot of my mates in school are sick so then now it is my turn.

Tomorrow I will be having module test and tonight I am not feeling well. So hope I can manage.

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Cooking Jobs Available

It is not easy to find a job these days but if you are into cooking then this website is perfect for you. Hospitality Job Site is an online website which provides plenty of Short Order Cook Jobs for anyone out there who are interested to be part of this growing industry today. You can start looking for jobs by states or even by cities just by clicking the provided places in the website today. Don’t wait, act today and start making money today!

Blessings Comes Along The Way

I did not expect any blogging blessings today because it is SUnday. But what a blessing comes a company from UK emailed me and saying that they like my other blog and willing to work with me. So what a blessing. Currently I am asking some of my friends around to help me out how to do their task.

So no matter what blessings comes suddenly by chance and luck!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shopping Time On Black Friday

Well, as everyone probably knows we are now in the awesome month of fall and just one month away from Black Friday. Black Friday of course is the day after Thanksgiving in which nearly every retail store in America has an awesome sale. I am going to plan the next Black Friday ahead of time so that it will be a smooth shopping experience. I highly recommend that you start planning your shopping strategies ahead of time, you will be glad you did.

I Want To Surprise Him!

I plan to get my husband a great gift for Christmas although it can be difficult to shop for him sometimes. Just recently I found a website that has great men's gift ideas that are sure to please. Some of these gifts are great because I never thought of them myself, such as flowers, and the usual, like cologne and ties for example. So why not get that special guy a gift he will really enjoy, both of you will be quite pleased.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Am Looking For Invitation Card For A Baby

Every woman dream to have their own family and have a child. I am one of those, I know one day GOD will bless me with what I am wishing for. Last week I was with a friend who celebrated a baby shower and it was fun and I gave a cute jacket for the coming baby boy. She is expecting to give birth by next month. Chatting with some of the guest while was there gives much fun , all guests are moms with their kids.

One mom is asking me a favor to make an invitation card for her baby who will soon celebrate birthday. I did not promise but I can try I said. I am busy too so don't know if I can find time for making. Baby Invitations are not that hard but need time to design and find the styles. So , for tonight I tried surfing at I can maybe recommend her to order online , she still have enough time to order. They have fabulous style and designs and can be customized too. So this is perfect!

Making Pancit For Dinner

Yes I am making pancit for our dinner today. This is most filipino common food but not in an ordinary day. Most pinoys eat pancit during birthday's and other parties or events. Pancit signifies long life as they said. But for me it signifies something, LOL! Anyway, here is my pancit and it was pretty good.

Well by the way, I am looking forward to go with a pinay friend to make cassava cake. I don't know how to make it but I know how to eat it. Yum... looking forward to taste it again.