Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking For Long HDMI Cables?

I was in the electronic store yesterday to find some kind of adaptor for my Sony Dash. I have this gadget lasts year and still not working because I need proper adaptor that can work with the correct voltage. Luckily I found it after roaming around 4 or 5 electronic stores. But I did not buy it yet, I want my partner to check it first. So since I did not yet buy it , a recommendation from a friend to check more online too. She said that I can might gets lower and affordable price. So why not give a try?

I found page at and they are indeed supplying a lot of electronics stuff. From adaptor, mobile phone, cameras, TV's and more. But one more thing I found out that they have long hdmi cables. We need it too, one of our internet cable need replacement. So maybe I can buy all in one in one supplier. So great!

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