Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roadside Assistance Is The Answer!

In every time we go out in the road and drive our own car we must have to think safety first! Must see to it that the car is working well and don't have any problem. It is hard to be put in chaos and can cause delayed for other vehicles behind.

Make sure to have roadside assistance ready! No matter what will gonna happen with you and your car itself you are confident that there is someone that can run after you and ready to help you out from trouble. For example: you are out of gas, your car needs towing and more. So be ready to have your own roadside assistance!

Looking For Long HDMI Cables?

I was in the electronic store yesterday to find some kind of adaptor for my Sony Dash. I have this gadget lasts year and still not working because I need proper adaptor that can work with the correct voltage. Luckily I found it after roaming around 4 or 5 electronic stores. But I did not buy it yet, I want my partner to check it first. So since I did not yet buy it , a recommendation from a friend to check more online too. She said that I can might gets lower and affordable price. So why not give a try?

I found page at and they are indeed supplying a lot of electronics stuff. From adaptor, mobile phone, cameras, TV's and more. But one more thing I found out that they have long hdmi cables. We need it too, one of our internet cable need replacement. So maybe I can buy all in one in one supplier. So great!

Bye Day Time And Hello Night Time!

Tomorrow will be my last day in school for day time. I will have to change my schedule to night one. I got a new course that is in line with my profession. That course will be in the day time from 9a.m to 3p.m and I don't have time to take my language course after. So I decided to continue it but in night time. I hope I can manage! A bit sad because I will say bye to my teacher and time to face new teacher. Time to say bye for my friend in school and time to say hello for another group of people in other school.

I just pray that GOD will give me strength every day and will provide wisdom on my schooling and other activities all the time! Lucky that GOD knows the desire of my heart. He knows what I really want to be! So help me GOD!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Using ACH Helps A Lot

If you currently own a business that requires you receive payments, I highly recommend that you do so using ACH, or Account Clearing House which includes direct debit transactions. Of course before using ACH it is very important to understand ach rules so that you will be able to do things more effectively.

I really think a key ingredient to having a successful business is to use ACH, so why not give it a try? You will be glad you did.

She Got Her Personalized Name Plaque

I was so happy that I finally talked to one my friends today over the phone. We had talk for over an hour because we had so many things to catch up in such a little time. I haven’t heard from her in such a long time and she had told me she is now wearing her first personalized name plaques from the company where she is working now.

She is very thrilled because she was able to pursue her dream job and that is becoming a counselor in one of the prestigious school where she resides now. I am so happy for her I can’t wait to talk with her again!