Friday, August 19, 2011

New Mate In My Language Class

After almost two months of summer vacation, now it is ended. Back to reality , back to schooling! I am glad to get back and learn back to Norskkurs. This is very important to me and now I am really trying to speak little by little but sometimes I feel shy. Hoping for best.

This coming october will be the next test for level 3 we called it 'Norsk Prøve 3'. I already passed the level 2 so I am still thinking for this level 3. This is more harder and more complicated as they said.

For those Filipina who are new here in Norway. We are required to take this course. So, feel free to learn a bit from home it will help a lot when you go to the school. So my aim now is to try taking up level 3, but I am a bit afraid.

Today, I have new mates and they are over qualified in speaking Norsk. It is good that they belong to my class atleast I can learn from them too. Additional plus factor. Right?

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