Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Will Surely Send This Time

Christmas is still far from now, but it is better to find something special for that coming season. Christmas Cards are the number one source to let someone knows that they are special and remembered! I remember that last Christmas I did not send any Christmas cards to my family in Philippines.

I felt guilty but I knew that they understand that I am just new here in Norway that time. I don't know much how to or where to buy nice cards for family and friends. So this year I will make sure and I hope that I can send them cards specially to my parents.

Another option for me now is to order online. This is maybe best option that I can do but will see what will be my final plan but for sure I will send them cards.


  1. thanks for sharing this info

  2. with so many friends and family to send out cards to, aguy mag sugod nata ug suwat ron hehehhe