Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Christmas Ideas Is Here!

Since the month of August will start tomorrow, I feel that it is time to start brainstorming for new christmas ideas that I can use for the said joyous occasion. Since I have a lot of nephews and nieces and family members it is just right for me to get the perfect Christmas gift for them. Hopefully, I will be able to give whatever their hearts desires. My desire is to give and will not expect anything in return. Maybe it is time to start saving some money also for the budget needed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Ideal Computer Cabinet In The Future

Anybody here looking for computer cabinets? I have a friend who just got her own cabinet weeks ago. She told me to buy one and start cleaning up my mess on the table. So currently I am checking for! Aside from that they are also designed to keep communication devices such as cell phones, lap top computers, cameras, pda and a lot of other small products that are not allowed during meetings or tours of particular facilities.

Those computer cabinets are essentially made to tend the computer equipment secure and organize the office work with enhanced usability of all computer apparatus. I am now planning to have one! I want to keep our computer and other electronic gadgets in safe area! Hope can save for that ! I need budget!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prayers For Norway!

I guess all of you guys knew what had happened here in Norway just few days ago. The bombing and massacre is really very sad! Everybody were shocked! Norwegian are not into this kind of trouble. This country is known as peaceful and never wanted to be in troubled!

Last Friday July 22, marks as the saddest day of all us here! Seeing those young youths ended their lives as quick as 1,2,3. So sad! Watching news and hearing different testimonies from victims makes my heart so sad. Imagine the times when they were in troubled and finding way to escape is extremely hard!

So the only hope is prayer... every nation face different kinds of problems and now Norway is in this situation! Prayers for comfort, deeply support is needed!

God bless Norway! Thanks GOD that we are safe!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Will Surely Send This Time

Christmas is still far from now, but it is better to find something special for that coming season. Christmas Cards are the number one source to let someone knows that they are special and remembered! I remember that last Christmas I did not send any Christmas cards to my family in Philippines.

I felt guilty but I knew that they understand that I am just new here in Norway that time. I don't know much how to or where to buy nice cards for family and friends. So this year I will make sure and I hope that I can send them cards specially to my parents.

Another option for me now is to order online. This is maybe best option that I can do but will see what will be my final plan but for sure I will send them cards.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sad News!

Two days ago I am deeply sad. Around 12.30 noon I opened my facebook and I saw a message from my friend in Philippines. The message was not good at all. She said that one my our dearest friend and I called her ate died.

I cried and I remembered those days that she was still alive. Last year I knew that she had a cancer . Colon cancer and I was so shocked because she was so healthy then. I don't know exactly how it's discovered. She is still single and don't have a family yet.

She is very accomodating, friendly and super nice. She is the bread winner of the family. I felt so sad and until now I am still thinking of her. She was a real friend!

Have a rest with GOD ate Elsa.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Analog TV

Do you still using any analog tv? Well, analog tv is cool and simple for me! This kind of TV is popular. Actually here at home we are using analog TV, there are gadgets that you can just add on in order to make your analog tv functions more and well!

In order for us to watch more channels drive by digital we use some kind of converter and I read online that the only thing you need is to buy Zinwell ZAT 970-A digital to analog TV converter.

So if you are using analog tv and want it to use more, so then get converter and enjoy watching digital channel using your analog one!

Get Insured To Be Secured!

Are you planning to buy any life insurance? Are you lazy of going to some offices to inquire about insurance? No need to do so, by online you can buy life insurance. Having your own insurance makes you more confident and comfortable in your every day life! Insurance plays a big role to each one. We do not know what will happen for tomorrow , so to make sure that everything is in place get life insurance. You and your family can have the benefits afterwards.

To buy life insurance online is very easy and quick! Just visit and there you can get the form where you can fill-up or you can send email to the responsible person if you have more clarifications and question before buying!

Dinner For Tonight!

For tonight grilled pork! Supper yummy ever! My first time to try grilling here in Norway at home! We still have some left over so can be good for tomorrow! I ate a lot... supper!

How To Get Back In Shape Easily!

You can find best weight loss pills online! By reading and checking reviews you can surely find one that will help you get back in shape! Pills are now well-known for all who needed! I mean, this is the easiest way to do but aside from taking up pills you can do daily exercise also. Exercise is always the best, this is the most recommendable way to loss weight or to maintain body figure.

People who are suffering obesity or over weight gets problem! Obviously they are looking for effective weight loss solution, and pills is the most common help! We are all aware that pills are available over the counter or just buying online and no need of prescription from your dietitian. The safest way to check is to research and consult your doctor if it is needed!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stylish & Trendy Party Invitation Cards

I remember before when I was in my high school days I am so addicted collecting stationery. I had different kinds of paper with different style, colors, sizes and looks. I kept those collections until I started working after college. I used those papers for invitation, formal letter and other stuff that I am interested in. Stationery papers or cards makes me feel so beautiful. I mean I really love and I do really mean collecting them.

I ask my friend to send me stationery. I remember I requested once from my cousin in U.S. She sent me once and it was so nice. So today, I recall those memories by looking out Stationery online. Who know's I will collect them again! By those who are looking for , join me and enjoy picking up your likes and get it!