Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still In Love Into Blackberry!

As time goes by, there are a lots of new mobile phone coming up! New brand , new model , new features, new applications and more! I remember when I was in Philippines, I am so deadly over obsessed with blackberry phone. I tried one time to saved money just for that ambition but still I did not succeed! I was a bit frustrated but after a while I realized that during that time I need more other important thing than buying the blackberry!

As the saying always goes: To dream is free... so keep on dreaming! You know folks, until now I am still in love with blackberry but this is more than before. I want to have blackberry playbook tablet. Should I need to save one more time? Maybe yes , it is needed!

Anyway, tablets pcs are available online. You can buy easily without any hassle. I found a place where you can rely on buying. Just check out at

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