Monday, June 27, 2011

Meeting New Pinoy's Circle Today!

Today, I started with my one week course which is important for all immigrants here in Norway. That is called *Samfunnsfag*! It covers everything about the country and you itself who is living here! Then this time I took *Tagalog* class, since I am from Philippines so it is a must to take Tagalog if possible. So, I met a new batch of my * kababayan* again! Last February I met some but not many as this batch now.

Actually we had fun during the class... everybody asked a lot of questions about Norway and from then on , I learned a lot and it is very good to listen as well! So tomorrow will be the second day and another thing during lunch I ate with other friends also so sharing food...

The only thing the school is a bit far from where I live but I manage to finished it! So hopefully for tomorrow too!

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