Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Gained One Pound!

Folks , today I weigh myself and you know what? I gained 1 pound , I am happy LOL! My aim is to really gain 6 kilo. That is quite much but I want too. Most of my friends do not agree with my plan, they all said I have good and enough figure but I want to really gain a bit. Well, everybody has different plans in life. I have opposite plan mostly.

Well, I know and I am aware that mostly women and men want to loss weight. If that is what you are looking for , don't worry I can give you the best site where you can be inform by all proper supplement that can help you out from that worries. Overweight is not really good. I just hope also that I will bot get exceed of what I aimed for.

By the way, is for those who wants to lose weight. So if you are reading this post and you need to be sexier just direct your browser right there and then! See what will happen!

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